StarFox 64 3D Review (

Does StarFox fly high again into the third dimension on the 3DS? The answer is a very secure yes.

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FriedGoat2654d ago

I was really looking forward to it until today (its release) Then when I was scraping up the money to buy it I realised that it was a good game but totally not worth £30-40 and doesn't even have online multiplayer.

krontaar2654d ago

Yeah i regret buying it, because i realized i played this game to death already and there's really no nostalgia to be had...though the local multiplayer is pretty good

princejb1342654d ago

remember nintendo is not big on online gaming
hopefully if vita is more successful than ads, nintendo will see the light and add online to all their handhelds games

maniacmayhem2654d ago

One of the best N64 games ever. But sadly it was good back then. Nintendo needs to make a new Starfox that is just as good as the 64 version.

Then and only then can there be peace.

JsonHenry2654d ago

Nintendo really needs to start making new games instead of re-hashing old games.

Seferoth752654d ago

You mean games like Last story, Pandoras Tower, or Xenobalde? Games we don't get cause haters like you want to pretend they don't exist?

Ok lets say they make a new game. hell they just made 3 but still let's pretend for a second tey just made 1. What would you haters do? Simply ignore it like you did the last ones and continue to cry for new ips

JsonHenry2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Xenoblade- made by monolith soft. Not Nintendo.

Pandora's Tower - made by Ganbarion. Not Nintendo.

Last Story - made by Mistwalker and AQ Interactive. Once again, not Nintendo.

I'm not crying for new IPs. I just want a NEW GAME. Not the same game ported to a new system I played 10 years ago and charged damn near full price to play it again.

Back on topic, since you didn't do your home work, I want Nintendo to start making new games based on old franchises instead of ports of old games.

Seferoth752654d ago

LOL whatever kid... How about te new Kirby? LOL. Yeah kid all they did was remakes this gen. You got proven wrong and instead of just admitting it you come up with some silly excuse. Yeah dude SMG2 was just a rehash of Mario on the nes. So battalion wars, Wario land, DKC returns, NSMBWii etc, you are now saying they are rehashes and not new games even though they are compltetely new games