Hard Reset Demo Video

Ap3xultima goes through the demo for Hard Reset and released this unedited, uncut video.

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Solid_Snake-2651d ago

loved the demo. finally we have something to get our "painkiller" fix.

graphics and that old school gameplay are spot on. getting 143fps(highest),70fps(mid) and 41fps(low)

kmanmx2651d ago

What system do you have ? i have a i7 2600k and gtx470 yet only average 47fps on highest.

Great game though. Awesome graphics.

dirthurts2651d ago

I have an Amd x 4 3.6ghz, 5850 and get nothing under 45fps.

Brownghost2651d ago

i just played the demo even i was amazed

Brownghost2651d ago

wow for $27 the game is amazing and i love it its so fun and great gameplay plus it looked amazing is this a indie game still gonna pre order it

triverse2651d ago

Yes, this is an indie title being published by Flying Wild Hog on September 13th at last check.