Resident Evil 4 HD - First 10 minutes!

Check out the first 10 minutes of Resident Evil 4 HD on PS3

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jacksheen00002572d ago

I think the graphic in Resident Evil 4 are awesome, but the frame rate sucks.

Peaceful_Jelly2572d ago

Even an updated PS2 game has a 3GB installation?

GamersRulz2572d ago

HD takes a lot of space you know.

Wolfie2572d ago

yes + it will fix loading times etc :) good to know that install time in this one is quick, unlike other games when u have to wait 30 minutes :/

mac_sparrow2572d ago

that's because Capcom have proven themselves to be useless when it comes to optimising on PS3.

DevilishSix2572d ago

was it me or did it not seem to stutter about every 10 seconds?

Rageanitus2572d ago

ummm they are realy milking this one!!!!

They should have at least made the pc verision long ago with better textures

Shadowaste2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )


terrible framerate and looks worse than the pc version....why can't they do these remakes properly?

Honestly, these crappy upconvert ports are becoming glaringly obvious cash-grabs.

At least try a little!

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