Ridge Racer Unbounded – Early Build Gameplay Footage

TeamVVV recently visited Namco Bandai HQ to get their very own first look / hands on a very early build of Ridge Racer Unbounded & have brought back some footage of the game in action. It’s early days to come to any conclusions since the game is not out until next year & lots of improvements & tweaks to both the graphics & performance will most surely be made from now on until it's retail release.

Enjoy the footage below, courtesy of TeamVVV.

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Garrison2650d ago

Looks good so far for being such an early build. I like the Ridge Racer Franchise.

memots2650d ago

To me this is more an spiritual successor to Flatout : ultimate carnage. I love what Bugbear did with Flatout and was looking forward for their next game.

The fact that it has the name Ridge Racer doesn't mean anything. This is the new Flatout and i am excited for it.

lzim2650d ago

Almost expected Namco to hit the guy on the head with a ruler for comparing the game to Burnout.

- Pity about the shitty driving physics (early or not). In a racing game you'd expect classic ridge racer handling.. in this? not so much, even Burnout had a progressive damage system.

+ Love the in-situ environment menu system. Someone please give the entire design team a cookie (and the rest of the industry except Codemasters and Ubisoft, please copy Namco's homework).

- I'm sure Namco understand that we've all played Burnout so tutorial is maddeningly useless (please add a skip function). And some of us have even played Split/Second, Blur and Full Auto etc.

~ I just wondered if the levels are vertical enough if they'll include a class of vehicles that can fly. Since they always add concept cars and some that did float in 6.. oh man that would be awesome! again minus shitty rail handling.

Tito082650d ago

I like the power slide in it but that's about it, not impressed yet!!!!

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