The Top 10 Funniest Video Game Characters | GoGoGamer

Sit back and relax as we countdown the videogame characters that made us laugh the most throughout the years.

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iamnsuperman2656d ago

I prefer Haggard to Sweetwater. I felt it quite annoying they went all serious in BFBC2. I hope the next time they release a BC they go back to what made those characters great like in the BC teaser (one of the best trailers in my opinion) and BC

Corax2655d ago

Sam and Max, the games were decent but i Loved the cartoon...what the hell happened to cartoons today anyway? It's like a time bomb went off after the 90's everything slowly went to shit

newn4gguy2655d ago

Not so sure about Sweetwater. I mean...where is The King of the Cosmos from Katamari?!?

Quagmire2655d ago

No mention of Captain Qwark? Seriously? I'm glad you included Eddie Rigs, but c'mon, Qwark is hilarious as anything!

Ddouble2655d ago

Captain Qwark deserves a spot.