PS3 Review - Agarest: Generations of War Zero ( "Agarest: Generations of War (or Record of Agarest War for US folk) probably received more notice for its packaging than the game itself. Coming packed with a pillow decorated with a “yearning” anime girl and a similarly adorned mouse pad equipped with heaving ergonomic breasts, the awkwardly pervy collection was tailor-suited to those who love their anime, manga and RPGs filled with stupidly large boobs, less-than-subtle lesbian overtones and not a lot of depth. Thankfully Agarest: Generations of War Zero, the prequel to the first game, reins in the creepy fanservice and allows people to check out the game on its own merits. Which is great, because aside from a generic story, awkward presentation and, yes, some gratuitous, heaving anime breasts, it’s an absorbing and addictive tactical RPG loaded with over a hundred hours of excellent turn-based strategy."

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dangert122655d ago

Nice review I never thought the story was generic though something I've never stumbled on and Its really additive this game is I personally love It cant get enough