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dark-hollow2653d ago

Is this game really running on the ps3/360???

Color me impressed.
In my opinion, crysis is waaay better than 2 and the environment is much better and open.

Paradicia2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

It's a bargain at 1600 MS points. I already bought the original crysis back in '07, but this'll be fun to run through again and get the achievements. It's a good move by Crytek. I wasn't expecting them to release it this early. I would've expected a few months of PR beforehand.

TheMyst2652d ago

wow, 1200? So that means 20 bucks on PSN, damn that is a steal. I though it was gonna be at least 40 bucks.

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just_looken2653d ago

fyi crysis 1 pc maxed out dx10 with the realistic graphics mod = bf3 easily crysis 2 was dx9 native.

anyhow at article crysis 1 on consoles looks good but will never look like its dx10 counter part.

pijinio2122652d ago

so what consoles deserve it even if its made on medium setting not many console gamers had a chance to play it even some pc gamers didnt have a chance to run it at directx 10...check ur self mate...

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qwertyz2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

its 360 gameplay haven't seen any ps3 footage but it looks to be the best looking game on consoles looks better than uncharted 3,gars 3, crysis 2 and everything else on consoles. why don't you see for yourself

still doesn't match the pc version running medium 8xAA 16xAf @1080p though but considering consoles use ancient hardware thats not even as powerful as a dual gpu high end pc from 2005, what crytek has been able to do is astonishing.

the 360 version is inferior to the pc version in just about every way. There is much less geometry on screen(less trees, rocks etc), very low resolution textures, no SSAO, no Godrays, static skyboxes(instead of volumetric clouds available on pc), low resolution alpha effects, not all objects have shadows and those that do use low quality shadows, low anisotropic filtering(or even none at all), much less light sources etc

the color grading in the 360 version does give it a nice look though but overall the 360 version fails compared to the pc version running at the above settings.PC FTW!!!

I'm really amazed what crytek has been able to do with 360 no wonder MS is ditching epic to team up with them(crytek has an inside track on the nextbox like epic had with the 360 during its development) I'm sure Ryse will look even better when it launches

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Corax2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

This is the Crysis game I wanted to play and for $20...I'm sold. http://playstationlifestyle...

gravemaker2653d ago

looks like crysis 2 on consoles
low-res textures, low AA, subHD(probably)

and i think its not a good idea to remake first crysis on cryengine3

Paradicia2653d ago

Why would they switch engines??? Cryengine 3 was specifically made with console hardware in mind. It's a perfect basis for rebuilding the first crysis under spec constraints.

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