PS3 3D Gaming 'Only Scratching The Surface of What's Possible'

PS3 has been the home for 3D gaming enthusiasts. Sony's pushed the technology from the beginning, not only on the console but with their HDTV business. While the adoption rates for 3D in general have been a bit slow, Sony remains steadfast in its belief that games will only continue to get better as 3D technology improves and more gamers start using it.

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donniebaseball2626d ago

3D gaming is pretty fun when it's done right, but it gives me a headache if it's not properly implemented.

koehler832626d ago

Totally agreed.

The Uncharted 3 beta was amazing. Played for days in 3D but never felt any discomfort at all.

Motorstorm: Apocalypse on the other hand I can feel almost immediately.

It's clear that there is room for improvement but headway is being made.

Cannot wait to play through Uncharted 3 in stereoscopic. From my experience in the beta, I believe the claim that it's the Avatar of 3D gaming.

death2smoochie2626d ago

3D gaming won't really take off for consoles until next geenration

koehler832626d ago

Probably true. 60 frames per eye not 30 frames per eye really is necessary for it to 'catch on'.

1080p at 60 frames per eye would be really nice too.

Miths2626d ago

Until the next generation of consoles with the actual power to properly render stereoscopic 3D, the major 3D titles (ie. usually the most graphics intensive) are going to either limp along at barely playable framerates, or suffer more or less severe visual trade-offs.

And then there are those like Resistance 3 that seem to do a little bit of both - dropping slightly in both performance and visuals, but not critically so. It is however still not exactly a razor sharp looking game even in 2D.

If I had bought my 3D TV solely for the sake of PS3 gaming (instead of going up several sizes compared to my old 40" TV, getting a significantly better image quality overall, and thoroughly enjoying what relatively little 3D video content is available), I imagine I would have been somewhat disappointed.
Spectacular 3D depth only goes so far if the cost is low framerates and resolution drops.

Mrmagnumman3572626d ago

resident evil afterlife in 3d will blow you away, rent it, and tell me what you think