Exclusive Look At A Never Seen Before Wii U Game

My Nintendo News: "A tipster has just emailed me with details and images of an exclusive new game for Wii U. The tipster didn’t mention the name of the game, only that the game was initially developed by a Swiss studio, this was closed and the IP was purchased by Nintendo. The game is apparently exclusive to Wii U and is being developed by a studio in Europe."


Looks like it was fake

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richierich2653d ago

Looks a lot like Project Offset

Shackdaddy8362653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Would be awesome if Nintendo/any game company brought back project offset. That game looked so incredibly sexy.

This would definitely entice me to buy a wiiu...

Pause at 1:33.

Ares842653d ago

Haha, I remember that gameplay. It looked so good when I saw it first. Now it seams average.

Raider692653d ago

well its obvious that those images are indeed from the dead Project Offset.If Nity owns this beast know i guess we will see soon,wend they start hyperball for the WII U.

DeadlyFire2652d ago

Nintendo owning Project Offset is unlikely. Intel owns it as I believe. Frativ tried all they could to pry it away from them. They were the original creators of it.

Hmm... Some of the guys that worked on Project Offset created Adhesive Games. They have been working on Hawken. I didn't know that.

Raider692653d ago

If those images are ingame it just kill every thing made on the 360 and PS3!Just look at the detail and textures!

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The story is too old to be commented.