Am I the only one that stops at a red light?

What kind of Gamer are you? Am I crazy?!!!

SchollA from writes:
So I’m playing L.A. Noire and when I play games of this nature I try to play as realistic as possible. One of those ways includes strangely enough, obeying the laws of the land (Go figure). Meaning I do not run over people with my vehicle and I don’t run red lights!

Before you judge me let me give you a little background.

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Bigpappy2656d ago

When I play games, I don't apply the same rules as I do in my daily life. I do not stop at red lights unless it ends the game.

NukaCola2656d ago

I usually drive around in GTA like I would in real life, but after a bit, i just get to my location in a hurry.

With LA NOIRE I drive super slow so I can get 5 Star ratings, I try not to ever hit anything.

On the same note, when I played Tony Hawk Proskater, I started turning off specials and infinites, and turned my stats way low so I actulaly looked like a real skater and not some fantasy rider. I ofund the game to be most fun like that, especially in THPS4 in freeskate.

Pikajew2656d ago

I drive like a psycho in GTA. I drive off high places to get to the destination faster, and if the car breaks I take a new one.

darfreeze2656d ago

Lol, I stop at red lights too sometimes. And I also drive like a psycho in GTA but to get to the destination faster, I always take a cab. Same thing in L.A. Noire, I always make my partner drive. XD lazy me.

PhantomT14122656d ago

Usually in sandbox games, I don't stop at red lights and go pretty fast but I try to keep my car clean.

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The story is too old to be commented.