New Dragon Quest X scan

A scan of Dragon Quest X from the latest issue of Weekly Jump.

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xtheownerzx2505d ago

Dragon Quest.. don't know what to think about this.

Stunt2505d ago

Still iffy on the whole online bit.

xf2505d ago

Are the Dragon Quest games exclusive to Nintendo consoles/handhelds?.

VampiricDragon2505d ago

No, and if you dont know anything about a series. You shouldnt post

AWBrawler2505d ago

well, with all due respect vamp, DQ started out on Nintendo consoles and had only 2 games away from the Nintendos, that being VII and VIII. and it seems that they are going back to their Nintendo exclusive deal

lunaticpanda1012505d ago

I read scan as scam. And then ejaculated.

2505d ago
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