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Head2Head: Dead Island Analysis (PS3 & Xbox 360)

Lens of Truth writes - "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! Just a few days ago we showed you the graphical differences between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Dead Island. Today we’ve finished up our performance analysis and are ready to give you the details. Are you ready for the dead?" (Dead Island, PS3, Xbox 360)

Joe Bomb  +   1075d ago
Holy screen tearing! That's just a tear-ible job by Techland.
units  +   1075d ago
ends with a tie
Corax  +   1075d ago
Lensoftruth.com is just one of those sites that keeps the fanboy/console war fueled
Soul Train  +   1075d ago
That's only if your a "fanboy" yourself. Some mature people who own both systems don't like wasting their money on crappy ports.

In the case of Dead Island, both versions are pretty crappy.
capcock  +   1075d ago
except the pc version :3
Persistantthug  +   1075d ago
@capcock....nope....that includes the PC in this case.
1st day they gave Steam the XBOX 360 debug version.

So in actuality, the PC version was WORSE.

Just sayin.
Corax  +   1075d ago
I don't know anybody who buys games simply for there looks going back and forth playing on this system then that console. They buy the game for the system they mainly prefer then buy the exclusive for the system it's exclusive for. doesn't make sense to say "Oh that game is coming out! I gotta see which system it look better on so i can play it on that one." It simply doesn't make sense.
Boody-Bandit  +   1075d ago
Oh come on Soul Train, AKA Lens staff member, you can count the crappy ports the past couple years on one hand. Most multiplat titles have miniscule differences at best.

There is more to a game then graphic performance. What about sound differences (visual is half the experience of ht gaming. sound is the other half. yet no one talks about that), online performance, input response with controller (some games have issues with input response), etc....

"You're" acting as if graphics decides whether or not it's a make or break for a consumer than owns both consoles. There have been some games that looked better on one console but played smoother on the other even thought sites like yours said there was no frame rate difference.

Besides, the games in these comparisons rarely ever look on my display the way they do from these comparison sites.

BTW what about PC version. You say those that have both the 360 and PS3. Most gamers I know have both plus a gaming PC as well. Seriously, just stop. You guys do this for hits and you do fuel the fanboy wars.

I know a ton of gamers that have both and spread the wealth regardless of what sites like yours say. Most of them judge for themselves and don't trust sources online. I am one of them.
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Soul Train   1075d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(1)
Tempjf  +   1075d ago
Wow that's some pretty bad screen tearing. This far along into this gen that shouldn't be happening.
xf  +   1075d ago
I'm afraid of your avatar. :-(
Jake_Butler  +   1075d ago
I like it where do I get one like that.
EdwardS087  +   1075d ago
Anyone play this? is it good?
Son_Lee  +   1075d ago
The game is fantastic! I have it on PS3 and haven't noticed this level of screen-tearing. Nothing even close. It really is Fallout 3 with zombies, but the quests are way better and the game is just more fun. It's actually scary and presents a great atmosphere. I'm playing it solo, and it's a complete blast - adds to the scare factor, as well. You would be doing good in purchasing this game. Well worth the full price, and you can't say that about a lot of games this gen.
Miiikeyyy  +   1075d ago
Best zombie game ever! :D And yeah, I never noticed any screen tearing, except near the beginning of the game
BattleTorn  +   1075d ago
well im enjoying the game a lot!

and still waiting for console patch..
MysticStrummer  +   1075d ago
I wish the only problems I'm having were visual. I just lost more time due to the autosave not working, and I just found out that a bug kept me from getting a weapon mod as a quest reward. Buggiest game I ever played and it's not even close.
GameScrub  +   1075d ago
Still love the game haha. With all its faults I can't stop enjoying it. hehe

The screen tearing is something that I hate worse than graphics and I guess I lucked out with the 360 version. Was going to get PC but the fact you need good friends to play was not a good option for me.
holdmedownma2008  +   1075d ago
"The screen tearing is something that I hate worse than graphics and I guess I lucked out with the 360 version."

Come on kid, what would it matter? Didn't you have the 360 version before you even seen this H2H? So how did you luck out again?
GameScrub  +   1075d ago
I lucked out by not getting the ps3 version child? Kinda obvious wouldn't you think by the statement?

I bought this day one and LUCKILY I decided on 360 instead of PS3 so I don't have to kick myself in the ass about the performance and screen tearing.

In either case not sure why I'm replying to a child haha.
LOLconsoles  +   1075d ago
hahaha this game is such a pile of crap, seriously, techland needs to gtfo of the gaming industry. THEY. ARE. A. DISGRACE.
Jake_Butler  +   1075d ago
I disagree. This game is actual quiet fun. My only complaint is that the controls feels sluggish at times other than that the I'm having fun and isn't that what it's all about?
MrDead  +   1075d ago
Both are in need of a patch (which I think is comming), sort the screen tearing for the PS3. The 360 needs its lens cleaned, the blurry mess makes it look like a 70's porno
holdmedownma2008  +   1075d ago

Wow, you're the main reason ignorance and stupidity plagues this site. Judging by your response I can see it was a struggle for you to answer the question. No one was attacking you and no shape or form, but yet you took it personally.

You should see if you still have time to change your original comment, cause you only make yourself sound like a fool seeing how you "already" purchase the 360 version. So regardless of anyone's conclusion on what version is better than the other, you already have the game. Hopefully, this comment is a little clearer for someone that clearly has a third grade reading level.
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monkeymagik  +   1075d ago
The game isn't very good tbh, very boring after little time playing.
felonycarclub  +   1075d ago
it looks better on the ps3 to me, but the tearing is just awful, hopefully they can fix it cus i was thinking about buying it but when i heard that the ps3 version was bad with tearing and loading textures, well my friend got it so am going to see how it is.
hadouken007  +   1075d ago
i for one have dead island for ps3 and this shit sucks,keeps studdering, sound pops,and it frooze on me twice,and had to reset my system,its just like fallout....FIX THIS SHIT!
duger  +   1075d ago
fetch the patch.
strickers  +   1075d ago
This game looks far better(on ps3 version for me)than most reviews are suggesting.Yes,there is some pop in and clipping stuff but the game world feels alive with foliage blowing in the breeze,fantastically varied lighting and atmosphere.

I haven't noticed the tearing as much as they suggest either.Not anywhere near.

From screens the PS3 version is some way superior and the performance complaints haven't damaged my enjoyment.
It feels like a tropical holiday resort and has many nice little touches in graphics and gameplay.

The biggest negative is that 4 player online co op had connection issues.Seems fine with 2 or 3.
wolfofashes  +   1075d ago
Actually people won't notice that much screen tearing in the game because it's in movement and the line goes up and down the screen while the engine tries to eliminate it.That's why people overreact at the sight of screenshots like that,it's meant to show the tore frame at it's ugliest but when they actually play the game the impact is not so big.Anyway is this game good?

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