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For those of you out there that prefers watching video reviews rather than reading written reviews, here’s our video review for God of War: Origins Collection.

God of War: Origins Collection is scheduled for release this September 13, exclusively on the PlayStation 3.

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Omar912653d ago

which one makes sense to play first story wise,ghost of sparta or chains of Olympus?

Hozi2653d ago

Chains of Olympus. I think. I want this!!!

Jonah_Reese2653d ago

I think Chains of Olympus, if I'm not mistaken Ghost of Sparda is an in-betweener for GoW and GoW II

nevin12653d ago

I rather buy them on PSP for far less. Dont care for trophies.

Bathyj2653d ago

People can say what they like about these collections, but they seem to be scoring well.

ICO could be GotY material the way its going. Is that even possible?

admiralvic2652d ago

This is because reviewers are doing their job more or less. To get an HD collection to begin with, the game would need to be worthy. No company is going to waste the time and upgrade Gungrave/Gungrave Overdose.
Most of these games are not even that old, so theres no real "dated" feel. This you might see in a PS1 or older game, but some such as SoTC were made a year prior to the PS3. When you combine the fact these are popular games, still moderately new and have updated graphics (which people care more about than other things...). You naturally see a higher score.
No one site would flat out say "GoW is great, but this is a port so 6/10."
People would not stand for it, which leads to the aforementioned high scores.

Shojin12652d ago

I was in GS today moving some preorders around and the guy said "you didnt pick up your GOW collection". I wanted to say "dude the games not even out yet" dont you run this place...

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