6 FPS Games that Helped change a Genre

GamerFitNation Gregory Laporte gives 6 fps games that have helped change the genre of first person shooters into what we know today. The first person shooter genre is one that has been ever evolving throughout consoles with story telling and gameplay experiences that they have offered. Here are 6 titles that I feel have changed the genre into what it is today. A fast, fun, and competitive experience.

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Farsendor12651d ago

usually don't agree with most list but this one i can agree on. but i also think counter strike should be on the list.

Hagaf222651d ago

Agree, counter strike played more to the genre than crysis, but looking at the bio at the bottom of this page this kid wasn't around for these games anyways.

just_looken2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

yep same can be said about alot of ”gamers“ but side note cod4+ gave a huge boost to campers 1-3 shots anywhere your dead and 2 shots anywhere sniper in order to die BS robocop run in gun mindless fps's ftw right kids? lol.

socom 2
mgo 1
socom 1
counter strike
how many here played still own copies of these true fps/3rd person online shooters the good old days. its my 5th month of no gameing online shooters just xmb

XxBarretxX2651d ago


since when is Socom an FPS?

alien6262650d ago

where is counter strike? i think that game made a big difference in FPS

MaxXAttaxX2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

And Quake and Unreal Tournament and Half-Life, etc.
Just saying.

I don't see how Crysis changed anything aside from pushing graphics on PC.

da_2pacalypse2650d ago

@NathanExplosion Halo gets credit because it was the first successful console fps that felt natural, and didn't feel awkward to play. Most FPS games to this day still use the same control scheme of Halo CE. While counter strike was probably a better fps than halo, it was only like that on PC. when CS released on console, HALO CE was still a better game because the halo control scheme was just so fluid and well done. Additionally, Halo CE had some great battle sequences in the SP story which had never been done before the launch of Halo. Not to mention that Halo CE was a day1 launch title with the original xbox... It shouldn't really shock anybody that the game is in this list, if it wasn't for Halo CE, there probably wouldn't be an xbox 360, because the only reason anybody bought an original xbox was because of Halo CE lol

awi59512650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

NO unreal or quake is fail too. Hell rainbow6 pc or Swat should replace the console shooters as well except for halo ce. Because halo made shooters on console not suck with the control system everyone ripped off.

MaxXAttaxX2650d ago

Story is a different subject. And honestly, great story telling has been done before. Maybe not in FPS games, but there wasn't anything new about it.

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lastdual2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

The lack of Half Life is pretty glaring.

Also, listing both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark is redundant.

And listing Crysis purely for the graphics? Maybe, but Far Cry 1 was what put Crytek on the map, and was arguably the more influential game for the genre.

JellyJelly2650d ago

Good call. Half-Life should definitely be on there.

da_2pacalypse2650d ago

yeah, I'd replace crysis with halflife. That's pretty accurate. Halo 2 is also a pretty significant shooter, the online capabilities of halo 2 was amazing, because they were really the first game to make a good lobby/friends list system. Over all though, not a bad list.

awi59512650d ago

Fail no half-life or half-life 2 total fail.

stevenhiggster2650d ago

No Half Life and no Wolfenstien = Fail.

Gray-Fox-Type02651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Doom - Check

Goldeneye - Check

Perfect Dark - Check

Halo CE - Check

Call Of Duty 4 - Check

Crysis - ( Hmmm )- Did Crysis change FPS? It was more used as a graphical benchmark IMO but was a great game too. Its origins should be Far Cry then...

Half Life - Che....


Swiggins2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )


To not have Half Life on this list is tant amount to high treason.

Hell I'd probably also replace Perfect Dark with Half Life 2.

NukaCola2650d ago

I would replace Perfect Dark with Half Life.

Goldeneye is the definitely pick for the N64 genre. PD isn't really needed. Unless you could make the list longer and I would add the N64's 3rd FPS of choice Turok 2.

MrDead2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Wolfenstine 3D gave us FPS, Doom popularised the genre then everything changed after Half-Life this brought us the story and the brains.

Without Half-Life this list it just a collection of stuff.

Phantasm2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I also agree.

No Half-Life... WTF?
No Half-Life 2... WTF?

Not a game changer, but I'll always remember playing through Red Faction 1.

Coffin872651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Crysis gameplay was nice. You could feel like Solid f*in Snake or Rambo, whatever you wanted. It was fun.
But .. changing the genre, not sure it did.

Also, when I saw "6 FPS games" mit Crysis picture, I initially thought it was "frames per seconds", lol.

M_Prime2651d ago

Counter Strike would not exixt without HALFLIFE.. i remember playing Counterstrike when it was FREE and in BETA! i have a lot of games on my steam that are paid HL mods now that i got for free because i played since day 1

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Sizzon2651d ago

Perfect Dark...?

Where is Half-Life?

But I agree with Goldeneye 007 N64 and Halo CE Xbox.

MrDead2651d ago

I still play Halo 1&2, I have them on my PC though

Sizzon2651d ago

nice, I also have Halo CE on PC, it's really fun, but I played it first on the original Xbox.

xf2651d ago

Timesplitters should be on this list.

Kee2651d ago

I liked timesplitters a lot, but did it change the genre?

barb_wire2651d ago

No Half-Life?

No Quake 2?

No Duke Nukem 3D?

No Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II?

Whoever wrote that list needs to play a few more games..