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6 FPS Games that Helped change a Genre

GamerFitNation Gregory Laporte gives 6 fps games that have helped change the genre of first person shooters into what we know today. The first person shooter genre is one that has been ever evolving throughout consoles with story telling and gameplay experiences that they have offered. Here are 6 titles that I feel have changed the genre into what it is today. A fast, fun, and competitive experience. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Crysis, Doom, golden eye 64, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Farsendor1  +   1107d ago
usually don't agree with most list but this one i can agree on. but i also think counter strike should be on the list.
Hagaf22  +   1107d ago
Agree, counter strike played more to the genre than crysis, but looking at the bio at the bottom of this page this kid wasn't around for these games anyways.
just_looken  +   1107d ago
yep same can be said about alot of ”gamers“ but side note cod4+ gave a huge boost to campers 1-3 shots anywhere your dead and 2 shots anywhere sniper in order to die BS robocop run in gun mindless fps's ftw right kids? lol.

socom 2
mgo 1
socom 1
counter strike
how many here played still own copies of these true fps/3rd person online shooters the good old days. its my 5th month of no gameing online shooters just xmb
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XxBarretxX  +   1106d ago

since when is Socom an FPS?
alien626  +   1106d ago
where is counter strike? i think that game made a big difference in FPS
MaxXAttaxX  +   1106d ago
I find that Halo usually gets credit for what Counter Strike already did.
And Quake and Unreal Tournament and Half-Life, etc.
Just saying.

I don't see how Crysis changed anything aside from pushing graphics on PC.
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da_2pacalypse  +   1106d ago
@NathanExplosion Halo gets credit because it was the first successful console fps that felt natural, and didn't feel awkward to play. Most FPS games to this day still use the same control scheme of Halo CE. While counter strike was probably a better fps than halo, it was only like that on PC. when CS released on console, HALO CE was still a better game because the halo control scheme was just so fluid and well done. Additionally, Halo CE had some great battle sequences in the SP story which had never been done before the launch of Halo. Not to mention that Halo CE was a day1 launch title with the original xbox... It shouldn't really shock anybody that the game is in this list, if it wasn't for Halo CE, there probably wouldn't be an xbox 360, because the only reason anybody bought an original xbox was because of Halo CE lol
awi5951  +   1106d ago
NO unreal or quake is fail too. Hell rainbow6 pc or Swat should replace the console shooters as well except for halo ce. Because halo made shooters on console not suck with the control system everyone ripped off.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1105d ago
Story is a different subject. And honestly, great story telling has been done before. Maybe not in FPS games, but there wasn't anything new about it.
lastdual  +   1106d ago
The lack of Half Life is pretty glaring.

Also, listing both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark is redundant.

And listing Crysis purely for the graphics? Maybe, but Far Cry 1 was what put Crytek on the map, and was arguably the more influential game for the genre.
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JellyJelly  +   1106d ago
Good call. Half-Life should definitely be on there.
da_2pacalypse  +   1106d ago
yeah, I'd replace crysis with halflife. That's pretty accurate. Halo 2 is also a pretty significant shooter, the online capabilities of halo 2 was amazing, because they were really the first game to make a good lobby/friends list system. Over all though, not a bad list.
awi5951  +   1106d ago
Fail no half-life or half-life 2 total fail.
stevenhiggster  +   1106d ago
No Half Life and no Wolfenstien = Fail.
Gray-Fox-Type0  +   1107d ago
Doom - Check

Goldeneye - Check

Perfect Dark - Check

Halo CE - Check

Call Of Duty 4 - Check

Crysis - ( Hmmm )- Did Crysis change FPS? It was more used as a graphical benchmark IMO but was a great game too. Its origins should be Far Cry then...

Half Life - Che....

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Swiggins  +   1107d ago

To not have Half Life on this list is tant amount to high treason.

Hell I'd probably also replace Perfect Dark with Half Life 2.
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NukaCola  +   1106d ago
I would replace Perfect Dark with Half Life.

Goldeneye is the definitely pick for the N64 genre. PD isn't really needed. Unless you could make the list longer and I would add the N64's 3rd FPS of choice Turok 2.
MrDead  +   1107d ago
Wolfenstine 3D gave us FPS, Doom popularised the genre then everything changed after Half-Life this brought us the story and the brains.

Without Half-Life this list it just a collection of stuff.
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Phantasm  +   1107d ago
I also agree.

No Half-Life... WTF?
No Half-Life 2... WTF?

Not a game changer, but I'll always remember playing through Red Faction 1.
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Coffin87  +   1106d ago
Crysis gameplay was nice. You could feel like Solid f*in Snake or Rambo, whatever you wanted. It was fun.
But .. changing the genre, not sure it did.

Also, when I saw "6 FPS games" mit Crysis picture, I initially thought it was "frames per seconds", lol.
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M_Prime  +   1106d ago
Counter Strike would not exixt without HALFLIFE.. i remember playing Counterstrike when it was FREE and in BETA! i have a lot of games on my steam that are paid HL mods now that i got for free because i played since day 1
Sizzon  +   1107d ago
Perfect Dark...?

Where is Half-Life?

But I agree with Goldeneye 007 N64 and Halo CE Xbox.
MrDead  +   1107d ago
I still play Halo 1&2, I have them on my PC though
Sizzon  +   1107d ago
nice, I also have Halo CE on PC, it's really fun, but I played it first on the original Xbox.
xf  +   1107d ago
Timesplitters should be on this list.
Kee  +   1106d ago
I liked timesplitters a lot, but did it change the genre?
barb_wire  +   1107d ago
No Half-Life?

No Quake 2?

No Duke Nukem 3D?

No Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II?

Whoever wrote that list needs to play a few more games..
xtheownerzx  +   1107d ago
To be honest there are a ton of games i could have added and some that I forgot to add and am kicking myself for not adding to the list. I hate when I do this. Sorry about that guys, I'll improve for next time.
xf  +   1107d ago
There is nothing wrong with your list. There are just to many great games to squeeze into a small list. :-)
2pacalypsenow  +   1107d ago
how did crysis Change the genre?? where Wolfenstein? Quake?Half life
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bozebo  +   1107d ago
TimeSplitters, Quake, Half Life and Counter-Strike also had an impact. Crysis... nah, maybe farcry though. System shock 2 also, maybe - because it lead to Bioshock and it also had a lot of similarities to half life but was in development at the same time.

6 is quite a short list in all honesty :P

Here would be mine:
Wolfenstein 3D
Half Life
Counter Strike

damn... need more space :P

Yeah, its just not possible to give all the deserving games a mention with 6 slots!

ooh, this is interesting:
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Aggesan  +   1107d ago
Your list is exactly the same as mine. Just add Battlefield 1943 and System Shock and it's perfect!
aGameDeveloper  +   1106d ago
That was a pretty sweet link. Lots of the games weren't AAA, but plenty were. I'd like to see a family tree that starts with Doom (which would include all the Quake stuff, of course).
xf  +   1107d ago
It's annoys me to read this list and peoples suggestions and see that the truly great FPS's are from last gen or the one before. Are all the COD clones killing the genre?.
bozebo  +   1107d ago
Sort of.

There are a limited number of core mechanics that are possible in a FPS game in all honesty.

I think there is still room for some new arcade stlye FPSs, like a new timesplitters.

I have plenty of great FPS ideas ready to implement whenever my programming skills get up to scratch :P (more the maths that I am slow with to be honest)
Curving bullets and ricochet in multiplayer ftw...

There are a lot of great FPSs in recent times - but they just havn't influenced the genre because there isn't much left to be discovered.
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aGameDeveloper  +   1106d ago
I was in the same situation before I got in the Games Industry as a programmer. Unfortunately, a couple of my ideas are still bouncing around in my head while I work on OTHER peoples' ideas...
bozebo  +   1106d ago
You mean while you make other peoples' ideas work because they are inherantly flawed due to their lack of understanding? And then they get all the credit for the outcome :P
mamotte  +   1106d ago
I dont say they're killing the genre. But the list say "change" the genre, wich means, make it different.

This generation FPS are just economically exploiting it to the max.
maniacmayhem  +   1107d ago
Where the heck is Faceball 2000 for SNES!?

solar  +   1107d ago
you cant have a list of genre defining FPS's and not have CS or HL on it. list looses all credibility.
EdwardS087  +   1107d ago
The list is solid, except Half-life is missing. Swap Crysis (was mainly graphics) and your good.
clearelite  +   1107d ago
Good list, but it almost fails due to the lack of Counterstrike and Halflife. Counterstrike is still one of the biggest and best FPS after all these days and many things were "borrowed" from it's mods and features. Replace crysis with halflife and add counterstrike.imo
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Brownghost  +   1106d ago
Yah to this day over 60k people still play it such a great game funny it wad just a mod for quake
M_Prime  +   1106d ago
are you sure it was a mod for QUAKE? i could swear that it was a MOD FOR HL.. since it runs on the HL engine and all..

but i didn't start playing it until HL.. so if it was before on QUAKE then i am sorry
Darkfocus  +   1106d ago
Gldsrc was a modified quake engine sooooo....but ya it was never on pure quake engine just Gldsrc...
Brownghost  +   1106d ago
sorry for the mistake my bad
Cpt_kitten  +   1107d ago
i'd take call of duty off that list and place something more practical not to mention cod's only bench mark was online play which battlefield had way before cod did and is still better that cod

but half life, quake, or halo would take it's place nicely
Kee  +   1106d ago
Dude, are you kidding me?

Hate it or love it, every FPS game that comes out nowadays gets compared to call of duty.

Are you trying to say that it hasn't changed the genre? Of course it has.

Sure, they're sticking to the same old formula and aren't really innovating, but no one can deny that CoD4 was an incredible game at it's time and nothing could touch it when it came out.

As for me, I still enjoy call of duty, but try and level with me... You must see how it has changed the genre?
typeN8  +   1106d ago
I agree very much so...fps is so much popular now then ever..and like it or not cod made this happen..most of you people here never really played fps untill the cod craze..and hey i enjoy bf more then cod but the facts are there... for you to hate on.
Shackdaddy836  +   1107d ago
No Half Life, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, or Counter Strike?... WTF horrible list.
Brownghost  +   1106d ago
Yah they should have added those and made it a top 10
nintenflo  +   1107d ago
Ah halo the second most overated gaming series of all time! Second only to gears of war!
bozebo  +   1106d ago
Halo is a masterpiece.
andibandit  +   1106d ago

nice trolling, we are only talking Halo1 and not the series, try again.
nintenflo  +   1106d ago
Hmmmmmm think again chap in no way am I a troll, I own all 3 current gen home consoles and I actually play the 360 the most!

Ok let's take our fanboy hats off for a sec and speak facts!
Halo 1 and 2 were great at the time but wen halo3 came out on current gen consoles things had moved on and halo didn't change at all!
Games like cod 4, half life 2, and battlefield came along and made halo look amateur!
Gears is quite frankly a slow, boring mess of a game, especially in multiplayer!

My gave games this gen are crackdown and forza 3 so next time think before pulling out the troll card!
kevnb  +   1107d ago
no system shock?
A7XEric   1106d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
Brownghost  +   1106d ago
I agree with the list a lot especially with crysis since it was more than a shooter and wasn't only about gunning and cover loved the nanosuit
Lord_Sloth  +   1106d ago
And destroyed almost all variety in the industry.
KendrickGLS  +   1106d ago
007, Perfect Dark, and Crysis are the bad*ss games!
Sugreev2001  +   1106d ago
So many great entries missing.Where the hell are Deus Ex,Half Life,Team Fortress Classic,Counter Strike,Quake etc.
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Jijoro  +   1106d ago
Where is Unreal Tournament
NnT3291  +   1106d ago
Take out Perfect Dark and add Halflife. I dont get me wrong, PD was great but it was similar to 007, so it didnt really change FPS drastically.
tiffac008  +   1106d ago
How could the author leave out Wolfenstein, Half Life, Quake and Medal of Honor? Doesn't he know that these games helped changed the genre too?
tarbis  +   1106d ago
Wolfenstein should be on top of that list.
Counterstrike should be in there too.
sagapo  +   1106d ago
I can agree with the list
except for Call of Duty. Medal of Honor Allied Assault should be on that spot.
ninjahunter  +   1106d ago
Crysis isnt really a great pick for this list, but there are a few things that it helped push forward. Like non linear levels in games, destructible enviroments, and it set the graphical bar that makes developers say "i want to beat crysis".
But halflife (2) should be in that spot.
nskrishna2  +   1106d ago
where the hell is CS???

bobrea  +   1106d ago
How the hell is CS or Half-Life on this list? And Crysis didn't do shit to help change the genre. A fun game with amazing graphics, but it didn't do anything to change the genre. I agree with the rest though.

Although there will always be disagreements with these stupid list-based articles.
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jimykid86  +   1106d ago
The article should be named "My Favorite FPS" instead...
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