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"BloodRayne is known for a handful of traits; the blades that normally lay flat against her forearms; being a ginger daywalker; rubber-looking bodysuit tight as a blood pressure wristband. Oh, and her oddly-proportioned, early-Lara Croft "assets." But the blades are what do the most damage (in the game). Decapitations are prevalent, slashing guts is prominent, and just a lot of good ol' fashion curb stomping. Honestly, the stomping disturbs me a little… the rest is fine, but… damn." - Kevin Schaller

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dbjj120882651d ago

PSN Play something else?

edureboucas2651d ago

I liked this one... good game.

Sev2651d ago

Yet you hated Limbo. You've got some strange taste in games. :)

stormeagle62650d ago

Limbo is ****ing amazing. Somebody didn't grow up on 90's platformers.

edureboucas2646d ago

Limbo had no redeeming qualities other than the art. This one might be tough at spots but it has a lot more going for it. Limbo had way too much hype.

Son_Lee2651d ago

Excellent game. Hard as nails. I liken it to a 2D Demon's Souls.