Dark Souls: Is Namco/Bandai Crazy For No DLC?

Every day it is getting harder, and harder to play a game that has no form of additional content coming down the line. Many games in fact are shipping rather incomplete, or have game content being held back so that developers can milk a game. That's both a harsh, but valid comment. At the same time can you blame a developer for engaging in this practice? I'm on the fence with the practice; seeing both the pros, and cons to DLC. Let's look at it from the publisher's perspective for a second. Activision has sold over 18 million map packs since the launch of Call of Duty "Black Ops". The price for each map pack? $15 U.S. which estimates to around $270 million (gross). Granted not every publisher is Activision, but that may just be the point. Who wants to leave that kind of change on the table? Is Namco/Bandai hurting themselves and Dark Souls by not having DLC?

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-Alpha2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I'd totally pay for Dark Souls DLC but it's a lot harder to make DLC for SP games than it is to work on a couple of maps for a MP title. I appreciate that they aren't holding DLC/content for ransom money and I respect that all their effort goes toward the core game.

jeseth2655d ago

No they aren't crazy.

In fact, I want to shake their hand for giving me the whole game and not 3/4 of the game then the last 1/4 that they shelved so they can pawn it off as DLC.

b163o12655d ago

Completely agree, I always felt short changed when developers announced DLC. Kudos for Namco/Bandai

Angrymorgan2655d ago

You took the words right outa my mouth... Well said

Canary2655d ago

...You must not be paying attention.

Namco-Bandai is notorious for milking DLC. Selling small bits of DLC for way too much, staggering releases to obscene degrees. While that may not be the case for Dark Souls, it certainly has been for other games. Just look at Tales of Vesperia, Ace Combat 6, Project Diva 2nd, or any Dynasty Warriors game.

Namco-Bandai IS, in fact, crazy about DLC.

b163o12655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Oooookkkkkkkk Kudos for no DLC on Dark Souls Namco/Bandai.


Ri0tSquad2655d ago

Lol, anyone else remember the Yoda/Vader DLC crap they pulled with Soul Calibur IV? Both characters were on each disc, but they still charged $5.00 to unlock the opposing character.

Anyways, it's good to know this game won't be getting DLC like the first, but I wouldn't mind an expansion down the road.

malol2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I hate DLC
screw that, give me the whole game day one i already paid 60$ for it
DLC 99% of the time is just cash in
and i hate it

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Man In Black2655d ago

They have my respect for not milking the shit out of the game by cutting content and selling it later on. Really hate those dumbasses who actually complain about a lack of DLC, they're basically complaining about not being ripped off enough.

Getowned2655d ago

I don't want DLC I want a expansion pack.I would of boughten every piece of dlc for demon's souls if it had any tho.

garos822655d ago

bubbles to whoever is against dlc. kudos from software for releasing a game complete without dlc milking 1 month after release.

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DeleteThisxx2655d ago

Demon's Souls was just fine, even better than fine, without the inclusion of DLC. Bring on Dark Souls!

ShoryukenII2655d ago

I wouldn't mind a new world as DLC like six months after release (starting development after game releases). Any DLC would have to be free though. But I'm fine with no DLC. This game will have a lot more content than Demon's Souls (which I am still playing).

Ryo-Hazuki2655d ago

No. From Software is doing it the right way. Making complete games

rdgneoz32654d ago

Yah, its funny that people want to thank Namco, even after they've milked other stuff to death. Its really *From Software* who are the ones not cutting stuff from the game and extorting people who want to play a complete game. If Namco had any say in it, they'd probably be leaning towards lots of DLC.

smashman982654d ago

I dont think you understand thaat the publisher has 100% say in wether or not there is dlc

rdgneoz32654d ago

@smashman98 Depends on what type of publishing deal they have. Also, From Software isn't owned by Namco, so if they didn't like the deal, they could have gone else where for a publisher. They did have Atlus publish the first game.

DFogz2655d ago

Anyone else get a popup from their virus protection upon clicking the link?
Didn't read the article because it came as a web attack on my computer.
I'd suggest to those that did read it to do a quick virus scan

BiggCMan2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

What virus program do you have?

EDIT: Ok, I got the warning as well, i'm using Avast! Antivirus, be cautious people.

DFogz2655d ago

I'm using Norton, this is what I got for anyone interested:
Severity: High (An intrusion attempt by was blocked)
Alert Name: Web Attack - Blackhole Toolkit Activity 15
Attacking Computer: Source Address:

Getowned2655d ago

ahh thanks i will not click the link.. :D bubbles for saving my comp.

Cpt_kitten2655d ago

no offense but using Norton isn't the greatest idea, its always screwed up my old computer this new one it wasn't allowed to touch it

wirapuru2655d ago

If anyone's interested I've moved on to MS Security Essentials. Less overhead on the system and honestly very good on catching stuff. I always was very disbelieved on MS products but since I want to play games I have to use Windows and after going through Avast, Outpost, Kaspersky, Avira and even Norton (for a few seconds, too heavy like most) I'm pretty much satisfied with MS Security Essentials. I even leave the resident protection on, thing I never done. Oh, and it's free =]

Getowned2655d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

actually Norton has changed alot it's alot better then it use to be..way better..i use to have the old norton programs too a few years back they would just kill my computer and make it so slow but it's all smoonth now i am very impressed with it actually best anti virus i'v ever had.Norton 360 is worth it imo.

"kerftitel!!!" "lagging pice of donk!!!" lmao

awesome commercials XD

DFogz2654d ago

@GetOwned - I use Norton 360 too. I worked at an electronics store for a few years as a computer tech, and Norton would come in once a year to show off their new antivirus and give all of us free copies :)
I make it a point to keep in touch with a few friends from there, and they make it a point to grab one of the download codes for me when Norton comes

mrmikew20182655d ago

I respect them for not adding any of this DLC crap. Why are we paying to unlock something that is already on the disc? Don't we pay enough for this titles already?

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