Disgaea 4 Premium Edition HD Unboxing Video

GigaBoots unboxes the Premium Edition of Disgaea 4 in this high-quality HD video.

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Kee2657d ago

Unboxing videos are news, these days?

Danji2656d ago

It is posted under the category of 'Video'. I would think it is news-worthy given that trailers, reviews, previews and teasers all qualify.

Kee2656d ago

Dude, you're opening a box in front of a camera. What's so special about that?

That is not news worthy.

How does that qualify under any of the parameters you just specified?

News would be a web page that tells you (before the game comes out) what's in the special edition and as far as I know, the game is already out in north america, so it's not news.

Plus all that's in it is an artbook and a figurine. It's not exactly mind-blowing, is it?

kulex472656d ago

@Kee Your a Troll
@Danji thanks for the video, I enjoyed it seeing what's inside.