Game Quality Sees Big Dip in 2011

Game sales took a major plunge in August, dropping 23% year-over-year as software sales in particular really faltered, declining by 34% in a month without the usual Madden spike. While some of the blame can be attributed to the Madden delay, EEDAR's Jesse Divnich sees much bigger problems for the traditional retail side of the business.

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donniebaseball2657d ago

Very interesting data. Perhaps the holiday season will change that a bit, lots of good games coming.

iamnsuperman2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

So instead of quality it seems the writer is focusing on the lack of constant games every few weeks (quantity) "That could be the case, if you ask Divnich. "Our industry thrives on momentum and habit. The first thing a gamer says when they finish a great title is, 'What can I play next?' and when the answer is nothing that consumer begins to look elsewhere to satisfy their entertainment needs."

It also list a lot of games to come. I know they are going to be big games but the article focus seems to be quantity rather than quality

Unicron2656d ago

I think this IS the very problem... people are always ready to look to the NEXT thing instead of thoroughly playing/enjoying what they have. It's pretty sad.

creatchee2656d ago


I agree for sure. I think that part of the problem is that "event" games come out on a regular basis now instead of once or twice a year like they did back in the day. The only game when i was a kid that I remember having a hyped launch was Super Mario 3. It wasn't until PS2 when games really had that "mark it on your calendar" level of attention.

Part of this is the Internet. Before, we relied on going to video games stores or magazines for release dates - and you really had to know what you were supposed to anticipate. But with the net, we find out about games early in their development cycles, get excited over screenshots (and mote importantly videos), and overall are much more connected with future video games than we were several console generations ago.

Companies realize this and release what we want to see. More importantly, they exploit our need for more information by basically making us want games before they are in stores or reviewed or recommended by friends like it was back in the old days. Furthermore, they've embraced the "games as blockbusters" notion and market them like summer movies.

It's great on one hand, but sometimes I do wish that we could go back to a time where we didn't know what we were getting into before we popped in a cartridge or a CD/DVD/Blu-ray...

strange19862656d ago

I totally agree, Unicron. I think that's why my backlog is so damn big...ugh. I've definitely become aware of that exact issue, though, and try to negate it by limiting the amount of game trailers and previews I watch and read respectively.

gamernova2656d ago

September with dead island and fifa should make up for this. Both games I bought already. Just waiting on fifa release :)