Men of War: Vietnam - A Bumble In The Jungle (Hooked Gamers)

While revolutionising a market the first time round can be one of the greatest things for a series, it is sometimes best to stick to what you know. In the latest instalment to the MoW series we see 1C ditch the World War II era in favour of the Vietnam conflict - an era rarely done justice in video games and only recently touched upon by games such as Black Ops and the multiplayer only expansion for Bad Company 2. Vietnam was a strange war, one unlike any the US had faced before. Rather than engaging in the mass assaults across huge battlefields as the US were accustom to, the North Vietnamese effectively employed guerilla tactics and sneak attacks from small squads, often using civilians to aid them; a rare thing in the previous wars America had faced. Unfortunately, while this can be conveyed to a moderate degree in games like Black Ops it simply does not translate well into an RTS format.

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