3 Games That Will Revolutionize The PS3

Universal Playstation: There are plenty of new and exciting games coming out this year and the next following upcoming years. That's all great and all, but just about 80% of those games are either first person shooters such as Battlefield, and Call Of Duty, while the other 20% is purely a repeated franchises with a slight upgrade to the game such as Madden, and just about any game. I don't know about you guys, but I've been a long playstation gamer, There have been some phenomenal games at the prime start of the PS3, but here are 3 games that will Revolutionize the Playstation 3.

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zeal0us2652d ago

I don't know about MGS5 being on the ps3, you have an higher chance of seeing ZOE3 b4 Mgs5

never played the bouncer so i'm clueless about the series

just_looken2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

mgs rising look it up but its also for pc/360 so put low expectations.

zeal0us2651d ago

Rising is rising to me not mgs5, if anything its more like mgs 2.5 seeing as its between two 2 and 4.

AngelGirl162652d ago

The bouncer 2- No

Zone of the enders3- Maybe but alot of people don't like robot games.

MGS5- Of course it will but i don't kn ow if it would be exclusive.

DigitalRaptor2652d ago

None of these games exist.

Even if they did, 2/3 of them would be multiplatform.

jacksheen00002651d ago

The question is,what are these 3 Games bringing to the gaming industry that hasn't already been done?

Hows that revolutionary?

Legion2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

" are 3 games that will Revolutionize the Playstation 3."

Zone Of The Enders III
The Bouncer II
Metal Gear Solid 5

You might as well wrote an article that said... "I like gum". What are your reasons for thinking any of these 3 titles would be revolutionary? Seeing that they all would obviously be sequels of some form then they would have to first revolutionize the preceding game wouldn't they? How do you propose that would be done?

The complete article is included in the synopsis here on N4G minus the names and links to video of old versions of the series (or possible series with The Bouncer II) of games suggested.

Once again we fail to learn what is needed on N4G and what is not when users approve these articles. This type of fodder is not needed. One article that I would recommend admin to change to FAILED.

Legion2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I just checked out the rest of the joke that is supposed to be a gaming site? Laughing my ass off at what some kids create to pass off as a gaming site these days.

And I find the simplest of things on the front page that make me laugh:

God Of War 3
19 (59%)
Red Dead Redemption
5 (15%)
Gran Turismo 5
6 (18%)
Call Of Duty: Black Ops
0 (0%)
Assassin Creed: Brotherhood
2 (6%)
NBA 2K11
0 (0%)

Votes so far: 32
Poll closed

32 votes on a Game of the Year poll and then it gets closed down. And does anyone else notice the broken code on the links? Or is it just that they don't work with Chrome?? As a certain famous man once said... WINNNINGGGGG!

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The story is too old to be commented.