Dead Island Needs an Undo Button

Abort! Abort! Undo! It's been a week of missteps in the game industry, as Deep Silver and Ubisoft both had to correct some rather embarrassing errors. We've also got Crytek talking back to an anonymous blogger and August's top ten sellers in North America.

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Miiikeyyy2570d ago

I freaking love this game :D

Kakihara2570d ago

I haven't yet played this game.

Premonition2570d ago

love the game only problem is the auto save glitch, went from level 9 back level 7 because it didnt save properly.

BattleTorn2570d ago

ya, the game has an issue where it 'loses storage device' and doesn't save... but mine continued saving after that one time...

The console patch is still awaiting approval.

NiteX2570d ago

Its freakishly fun with friends, Borderlands is the only thing that comes close to that level of co-op fun.

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