Top 10 Useless Items In Video Games

"Ever since the dawn of the inventory years ago, games have been flooded with various tools, items and pieces of equipment over the years. Initially the reserve of RPGs and adventure games, extensive item lists have since translated over to nearly every genre under the sun. Not all collectibles are created equal though, so here are the top ten useless items that you’d be better off avoiding."

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zeal0us2652d ago

Not really an item but it piss me off in alpha protocol it offer to save last checkpoint, which was quite useless. I think Ninja blade did it too.

I did find coins in Super Mario to be useless b/c i'm not competing against anyone and they don't prevent death like in Sonic.

NukaCola2651d ago

What about the 1/12 scale Shinra Model Doll from Final Fantasy VII? I never could figure out if it's worth anything or tradable.

badz1492651d ago

like 95% of guns in Borderlands! there are so many of them but only few I use for the whole game!

Klaykid1232651d ago


CryofSilence2651d ago

The best part of that article was the GTA 4 drunken video.

iamnsuperman2652d ago

How dare you Magikarp was awesome. His splash was always super effective on me s/

Good list

Shubhankar2652d ago

Not half the Pokemon, but yeah, a lot of Pokemon are useless. And remember, Magicarp evolves into Gyarados, one of the most awesome Pokemon ever.

brish2652d ago

If you collected enough coins in Super Mario Brothers you got an extra life. That's not useless.

e-p-ayeaH2652d ago

So its like saying that apples were usseless in Crash Bandicoot...

_Aarix_2652d ago

Theyre called wumpa fruit

aGameDeveloper2652d ago

What DO the apples in Crash Bandicoot give you?

banjadude2652d ago

The potion one is so true, lol! Deathspank is the most recent example of my potion hording. I mean, I never even use them (except for a very select few boss battles), since you have regular food to heal with.

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The story is too old to be commented.