Wii U for casual and family gamers unlike PS4, Xbox 720

Myona: Tomio Kanazawa, a Marvelous Entertainment producer recently having some talk with an online gaming publication mostly about the company and its plans for Wii U.

Kanazawa saying that he was extremely excited about Wii U but he also said that he’s unsure how much resources the company is going to pour into the new and upcoming Nintendo’s home console.

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Wizziokid2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

"Wii U for casual and family gamers unlike PS4, Xbox 720"

that's why I will buy a PS4/Xbox 3 over the Wii U.
it's a shame because I loved the 64 and Gamecube

but on the same topic I think the next xbox will have a strong focus on casual and family gamers also, we are seeing this now with the 360, the only difference is, it will still have it's hardcore audience (unless MS really dedicates on the nintendo route)

Titanz2653d ago

I believe there was an article of a Sony rep stating that the next Sony playstation system, would be "slightly"(being the key word) geared towards women.

Nintendo always goes thru these things.Wasn't Smash Bros. Brawl, Monster Hunter Tri, Golden eye Wii, Xenoblade,Pandora's tower, The Last Story, Donkey Kong Returns, Red Steel 2, Metroid:Other M, Metroid Trilogy, Muramasa: The demon Blade, Mario Galaxy 1/2, Madworld, Battalion Wars 2, Conduit 1/2, No More Heroes 1/2, "hardcore" enough?

What will it freaking take for Nintendo to establish themselves in the core market of gaming?

Better online service? Wii U will have that.

HD visuals? Wii U will have that.

Traditional controller? Wii U will have that.

Third party support? Wii U "should" have that, because not only can the system perform to core gamers standards, it'll be totally bias of them(3rd party developers) not to produce software on Nintendo's future console.

jib2653d ago

well for one, nextgen graphics is a big factor to winning over the hardcore crowd & i don't think the wiiu will be up to standards by the time ps3/xbox720 comes out. sure its in HD but its only going to be slightly better than a 5-6 year old console

not saying its impossible to win the hardcore crowd without it, nintendo would just have to make up A LOT for it, whether its through games/online/etc.

kma2k2653d ago

Also for better or worse nintendo now has an image of kid games & not hardcore, not sure whatg they need to do to shake that, but that is what most people look at them as.

ShaunCameron2653d ago

Make games catering mainly to the 15-34 male demographic? You know, M-rated games. And then you wonder why no one respects the video game industry.

Titanz2653d ago

After reading the article(which I should have), I found out that he was mistakenly, mis-quoted(Troll bate header).

TheMyst2653d ago

Yea, given the way MS has been going I'm starting to think the "720" won't be aimed at the core.

qwertyz2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

it will be aimed at core if not why on earth will MAD be hyping the 720s AI and graphics capabilities. I work at AMD and I know MS gave the company a contract of about $250 million to develop a gpgpu architecture for the nextbox although I don't know much else about the GPU because I'm not anyone particularly important :/ . why would they pay AMD that much to help develop a casual console when casual machine ?

You clearly don't know what you're talking about. the new 28nm high end amd 7000 gpus based on a new vector+scalar architecture called GCN coming later this year are based on the nextbox gpu architecture bet you didn't know that.

kinect was made to increase the lifespan of 360 and stop the wiis ever growing momentum so it was made to extend the 360 audience to include casuals not replace the hardcore because the 360 NEVER had many exclusives even before kinect launched.

SilentNegotiator2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Yeah the PS4 and Xbox 720 are such garbage. They break all of the time, all of their games are casual MMOs, and when you turn them on they create an aroma of excrement. Not to mention, when you look the other way, they sexually assault your grandmother. Sony and Microsoft should be absolutely ashamed that they created the abominations known as the Playstation 4 and Xbox 720.

It's too bad they can't go back in time to the care-free year of 2011 and redesign the PS4 and Xbox 720......

......wait, what? Oh right, we know nothing about the PS3 and 360 successors.

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NYC_Gamer2653d ago

I believe the Wii U will get late ports with minor controller based features.but hey people buy nintendo consoles for the 1st party stuff.I'm skipping the console for that very reason lack of new characters/franchises.

KwietStorm2653d ago

You're only "missing out" on something if you have interest or care about something to begin with.

ChickeyCantor2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Well it's actually in my opinion.

So yes Nintendo uses familiar faces, but does that mean their games are bad?
Don't think so. If you really like games, then I do believe you are missing out.

" if you have interest or care about something"

We are talking games right?

KwietStorm2653d ago

Of course we're talking games, but saying I have an interest in gaming, but not having an interest in the Wii U or "familiar faces" is obviously a plausible outcome. Are you trying to be facetious?

smashcrashbash2653d ago

I think people should take the concept of 'casual' and burn it with hell fire. 'Casual' these days seems to refer to anyone that's not smart enough to see what crap they are playing or non gamers who could play a challenging game if they tried. The word 'casual gamer' has been warped beyond recognition.

ChickeyCantor2653d ago

I agree,

Do casuals not read books or go to the movies?
But by the logic of what is going around here; they must be reading kids books and watch I-Carly on Nickelodeon.

TheMyst2653d ago

I define casuals as people who only take a passive interest in gaming. They only play party games and/or easy to understand games (like COD and Madden).

Most of them have started playing this gen with either the Wii or 360 and most of them are quick to jump ship. They know nothing about gaming history, they have no idea about any gaming events, and if you tried talking to them about games they'd probably only know about Halo, COD, Madden and mario. That's what a casual player is.

Now there's nothing wrong with being a casual gamer, the problem when companies like MS abandon the core and run to the casual, then I get pissed cause we end with no games that cater to us.

KwietStorm2653d ago

I know what you're trying to say, but as you touched on, you have to know casuals generally don't know about the details and specifics of the industry. They don't know release dates by heart, what games are on what consoles, gameplay details, etc. This is just fact, and it's obvious that the casual market makes up much more than the hardcore, as with any hobby. 150 million hardcore gamers didn't buy a PS2. The Wii has slowed down since it's prime sales period, but during that time, if you were to ask someone who only games maybe a few hours or a couple days a week (a casual gamer), and really just isn't too serious about gaming, what console they would buy, I would think they would likely say the Wii.

I think the reason we've seen casual vs hardcore so much this generation is because of a few different things like the Wii's obvious target audience, the explosion of mobile gaming, and the general watering down of existing franchises. People seem to inherently have a need to separate the markets now.

PCE2653d ago

This whole casual vs hardcore is stupid. What has happened to just a person that enjoys video games?

Gamers, uh I mean idiots.

AKA2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

How will i a hardcore gamer will enjoy a casual game?
Example, KILLZONE 2 very hardcore gameplay and KILLZONE 3 have casual controls gameplay. very similar games but one is hardcore and the other one casual so more people could enjoy it since there the casuals are more in numbers.

First gen games were more direct and Basic because of time but more hardcore since only hardcore gamers will have spend $600 or $400 and know the games are more casual since more casuals have buy the console and have more features since the engines are already made and the experience on this gen made it easy for developers to ad more features and make the games faster.

I just want the ps4 already to start having hardcore game again ...

DarkBlood2653d ago

be that is it may, its not going to stop me as a gamer from getting this fine pice of machine to play more games with

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