Skyrim gameplay video delayed, coming Monday

SystemLink: "Pete Hines, VP of PR for Bethesda, just tweeted an update regarding a three-part Skyrim gameplay demo which was rumoured to be released today."

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Convas2652d ago

Lots of trailers coming next week. Should be good!

Kakihara2652d ago

Argh, son of a biscuit. Sorry about the language but I'm really mad about this.

Jack_DangerousIy2652d ago

Well... deep down we all knew Skyrim was going to be "delayed".... ;) (that's called a joke peoples)

Come on Monday! I've gone back and have been playing some New Vegas. It's getting me even more pumped for some Skyrim.

Jacks_Medulla2652d ago

Noooooo! Bethesda needs to stop teasing me.

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