UZW review // Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast)

In honor of the Dreamcast's birthday, Unlimited Zig Works writes: "Imagine stepping foot into the lush Ragol wilderness for the very first time, surrounded by a 3D world so vividly imagined and richly colored that your friend on the futon — who’s been watching with transfixed gaze — excitedly shouts “HOLY SHIZZLE SON, THOSE GRAPHICS ARE THE BOMB! PHANTASY STAR ONLINE IS SO TIGHT!” (It was 2001; people really talked like that.)"

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Drithe2653d ago

This is one of the greatest games of all time. I put thousands of hours in the first Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast. It was the first online rpg I ever played.

End of Line.

Drithe2653d ago

Ok I just read where this guy reviewed it and NEVER PLAYED IT ONLINE! He says he has an idea how it was. Well my friend ... NO YOU DONT! The "ONLINE" part is what made it so great! I can go on and on about it for weeks!

Killing the final boss on hard mode was so awesome. I, personally, think they could have had better drops for a boss, but hey, the experience is what ruled! YOu can still play the Dreamcast version. Look it up. Google is our friend!

emerald_rocker2653d ago

The review is entirely written in the past tense. So the writer may have eventually played PSO online -- he just didn't play it online back when it was popular. The current experience (I know of where you speak) is cool, but sadly isn't the same as during the Dreamcast's heyday. :(