8.0 Final Fantasy VIII- Retro Relapse

Kevin of takes a look back at Final Fantasy VIII for the Sony Playstation to see if it still stands up today.

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WhiteLightning2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

"The one character that had always made me nauseous with anger is the main character, Squall. He’s the most whiny, insecure, self-loathing, depressed, emotional, stupid, most obnoxious character ever created. Yes even compared to Hope fromFinal Fantasy XIII. Squall has not one, but two girls after him (excluding Zell) and just bitches and complains about everything. OK, I get he’s supposed to be “mysterious” but come on man! Cheer up! Life’s not that bad! He gets a kick-ass scar on his face and all he does is moan about it, when Rinoa asks him to dance he whines about it (until about 2-seconds in he’s pretty much break dancing as if to say “Thanks for teaching me how to dance within 2-seconds”)."

Sorry really...REALLY got to disagree with you, don't ever compare Squall to Hope.

Squalls character development was the best in the entire franchise, and like many others who follow the leader on this, always say that Squall is a "whiny, insecure, self-loathing, depressed, emotional, stupid, most obnoxious character".....yes he is AT THE START OF THE GAME. No one ever comments on his prgress through the game and what he turns out to be at the end of his journey...a brave heroic leader who has managed to open up towards his new found friends and love.

It even explains WHY he's like that though, his mother died at childbirth, he never knew her, he was then put in a orphanage, never knew his dad, became attached to someone by putting all his trust in Ellone (sis) only for her to be taken away from him like everything else in his life so he became the character we see at the START on the game. Yet people always miss the great character development that turns him into the person he is at the end of the game. No offense mate but you just sound like your following the leader since people always bring this up yet ignore the Squalls changed personality when the game comes to a close.

If you thinik Squall is like that then please...what does that make the "great almighty" Cloud because he's worse then Squall and is the same guy at the end of the game.

I hate how people always miss out Squalls character development, it's like some people choose to ignore it because they don't want a game like FF8 to have one over FF7. Sorry but FF7 was an amazing game but FF8 improved on it and became a better game overall.

You still get people making excuses like "Oh I hated the draw system I cba to draw in battle"...yet you never had to draw in battle...I never and I had tons of magic by the end of the game (Thanks Island of Heaven and Hell), then you get the whole "I hated the junction system it was complicated"...yet in the next sentence people say "It was easy to get max 9999 health you just needed to junction magic it was easy......sooooo was it complicated or easy, make up your mind and finally you get the whole "Squalls an emo" crap...yet as I've said above what people seem to do is ignore the Squall we see at the end of the game

Rant over...<phew>

Son_Lee2655d ago

Could NOT agree with you more. Squall's character development was fantastic, and was easily one of the best in the series. Others that are great were Garnet and Tidus. FFVIII really gets the short end of the stick, but it's one of my favorites in the series. If all that stuff happened to you, you'd be just like Squall, as well. And people complain about there being little or no character development. Whatever.

Whether or not you thought the Draw and/or Junction system was a good idea, you must applaud Square for always trying to innovate. I thought it was a great system. Personally, I don't know if anything will beat the Materia system, but Junction is probably my 2nd favorite in the entire series. I thought Dresspheres were really unique and I loved that, but as far as FFVIII goes, it's one hell of a game.

Personally, I give it a 10/10 because while some elements are certainly polarizing, it was one hell of a game. It also has the best soundtrack of any FF game, in my opinion, rivaling FFVII, FFIX, and FFIV.

WhiteLightning2655d ago


I just think at the end of the day most people follow the leader with all the "hate" even though it's a fantastic game (and in my opinion better then FF7). Not trying to say the junction/draw system is perfect but there was nothing wrong with it (unlike the battle system in FF13), but as I said people like making excuses up to make it look like FF7 is a better game. Even the soundtrack was amazing as you've said. I also give it a 10 out of 10 since it was an fantastic experience.

People just don't like to admit that FF8 was actually a great game and resort to nit picking.

MaxXAttaxX2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I think I like FF9 better. At least nothing ridiculous (like going to the moon) happens.

Anyway, I'd like to believe that Squall actually dies at the end of the first disc, because that way the rest of the story would be more coherent (and better) IMO.

WhiteLightning2654d ago


But they went to the moon because FF8 is set in a futuristic high tec era, plus it went along with the story about Adel being in space and the lunar cry.

Oh god please don't tell me your one of these people who think Squall died when he got impaled by Edea's ice magic

MaxXAttaxX2653d ago

All I'm saying is that the story would be better and make more sense if that was the case.

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BigBoss072655d ago

Couldn't agree more with you. It was said by the devs at the time FF8 was made that the game was all about Squall's journey and how he progressed through the story from a cold-hearted guy to the fearless loving leader at the end.

By far, FF8 is still my fav of the series and I love everything about it from the battle system to the story. Bubbles for you. :)

Theparanerds2655d ago

To be fair the article does say that Final Fantasy VIII is the better game when compared to Final Fantasy VII.
Squall and Cloud were both annoying characters, and were both on par on the "emo" scale.

I actually like Squall he was just very annoying at the beginning especially at the concert scene when Rinoa is pretty much throwing herself at him.

The music is great and to this day i get choked up while listening to "eyes on me"

MaxXAttaxX2655d ago

Why would people disagree with facts! lol

Pozzle2654d ago

IDK a lot of people say Cloud was just as emo as Squall, but I don't agree. The Cloud from the Compilation might be pretty moody, bu the Cloud from the original game was pretty chipper and upbeat. Hell, he was basically the dorky butt-of-all-jokes to everyone else on his team. He might have started off fairly grumpy and aloof in Midgar, but by the time they all reached Kalm, he opened up and became a much more talkative and friendly guy.

I know people say that was Zack's personality coming through. But even when Cloud realized who he truly was and reverted back to his original self, he was still a pretty dorky and lovable guy. I couldn't imagine Compilation!Cloud saying something silly like "Let's mosey!" right before a battle that will decide the fate of the planet. XD

Jdub895O2655d ago

I just started playing ff9 the other day. Wow im amazed. I like it better than ff8.

Tigerfist2655d ago

My answer to most of the replies I've seen on this thread is "what spoony said".

Although I like the game, I find the flaws of it to be quite unforgivable and quite a few of it's characters passable or anoying.

silkrevolver2655d ago

I used to hate it. I tried starting it probably 10 times, but never got more than a few hours in... but when I finally committed to it, I LOOOOOOOOVED it. So good.

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