new app from Kairosoft

iPhone/Android; £1.99; cert 4+; Kairosoft
Japanese developer Kairosoft is making a cult reputation for itself among smartphone gamers, thanks to its quirky collection of simulation games. Game Dev Story introduced the company to the West with its oh-so meta simulation of a games studio, and it was followed by games focusing on a school, a hot springs resort and a shopping mall. Now comes motor racing. Grand Prix Story shares the pixel-art graphics of its predecessors, and also many of the game mechanics. You have to put teams of drivers and mechanics together, build cars and compete in races, while unlocking new parts and car types and upgrading them as you go. Playing the game is a balancing act, juggling upgrades, staff training and cars. As with other Kairosoft games, once the game pulls you in, it is fearsomely addictive

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