10 Minutes of Dead Island Glitches

PC gamers have been beyond frustrated with Dead Island even after the supposed "fix" on Steam. One of the more entertaining glitches is a black female turning into a white male after decapitation! Oh the fun!

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Axonometri2650d ago

Did they test this game more than a week?

just_looken2650d ago

they probably just hired some guys of the street and then stamped it play tested.

Xenial2650d ago

The PS3 version is just as bad. -_- I like this game a lot but all the bugs are ruining. Putting this shit on ebay.

sublIME2s2650d ago

So what ? Aren't glitches fun sometimes? Seems like everyone is forgetting about Fallout series too.

Now everyone is just trying to find a reason to bash the game. Not praising the idea at all. I've been playing this game all day and so far I'm loving it.

Please, stop with these articles.

Xenial2650d ago

What do you mean find a reason to bash? I spent my own $60 on this video game, if anything i want it to be the best. all i'm saying is, the glitches are ruining my experience, it's not fun when you reach level 12 only to find out that when you turn your game back on your back to level 7. Nor is not being able to connect to others in co-op. Go somewhere else with that bashin bs of yours.

sublIME2s2650d ago

Yeah everyone is trying to find a reason to bash the game. Did I lied ? You spent 60$ so do I. Let techland/deep silver learn from their mistakes and hopefully they will patch everything. Hell, even after that I'm pretty sure there's going to be a lot of trolls around here criticizing the game just because they feel the need to.

Too many games out there with tons of glitches too yet we don't see these kinda articles for them. Just my two cents

Xenial2650d ago

Everyone else "bashing" this game has nothing to do with me. There wouldn't be many people complaining if they had actually tested their game correctly. How the fuck do you let a save game error slip through to retail? About the other games i don't really care as i haven't played them, what i'm worried about is what i spent MY money on.

GunofthePatriots2650d ago

same problems on 360 occasionally

scram2650d ago

nothing that can't be fixed with a lovely patch :] It's a learning curve for Techland/Deep Silver

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