Battleblog #10: Crafting a captivating story grounded in authenticity

Battlefield 3 is a new way for DICE to tell a story. Read on for a personal post from Lead Designer David Goldfarb and his take on how to craft a captivating single player campaign -- one that forgoes the fantastic in favor of the grim and the authentic.

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trenso12657d ago

Even more excited to play single player now it just seems so intense and since we don't have as much info on the spnas we do the mp I'm kind of more excited for this portion of the game to see how it unfolds

-Alpha2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

It looks intense, dark, gritty, and visceral.

IMO right now Killzone 2 is the FPS game that holds that crown for authenticating/creating that mood of war and battle.

Killzone 2 was so hardcore in that sense and nothing else came close for me since then to match that raw rush.

BF3 seems to top it both visually and audibly, I cannot wait to feel that rush again

ShoryukenII2657d ago

BF3 also has server browsers, clans and classed based gameplay. This game will replace that disgrace GG released back in February. =D

Elwenil2657d ago

Cool. I want to feel fear. I want to to feel emotions in a story rather than just raw adrenaline. I hope DICE gives us a truly epic experience.

Dart892657d ago

I just wanna blow peoples brains out come on release it now!!:p

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