Warhammer 40000: Space Marine Review (GameFront)

GameFront, "In this third-person action extravaganza, you take on the role of Captain Titus of the Ultramarines, a battle-hardened veteran who manages to harness both the suavity and sophistication of James Bond and the savagery of Conan the Barbarian. Space Marine doesn’t waste time warming up — the first level has you skydive through an aerial battlefield, dodging warring vessels and flaming debris, onto an Ork airship and singlehandedly destroy it and its crew. Some games start with a bang, then peter off. Not so with Space Marine — the first level sets the mood for the entire game: kick ass, take names, and be the biggest badass this side of Ultramar."

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beast242tru2657d ago

this game is actually kinda good played the demo yesturday

Grimhammer002657d ago

I beat it. I'm playing mp.

I'm hooked....great game with a few polish issues and currently matchmaking is borked. Takes 20mins to find a game....but once your in it's all good till you leave.

Patch is inbound.