ButtonCombo: Modern Warfare 3 – The Ultimate Preview

ButtonCombo writes: Modern Warfare 3 is set to launch November 8th and the wait is really beginning to drag. So we at ButtonCombo thought we would compile a preview of such huge proportions there will be simply nothing you aren’t fully prepared for come launch. Whether Campaign, Spec Ops or the reknowned Versus Multiplayer it is all covered in blistering depth within this truly Ultimate Preview.

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supergameboy2651d ago

Unlike the majority of sad acts hanging around here trying to justify whether Battlefield 3 or MW3 is the better game, I'll happily enjoy them both. Can't wait.

towelie12882651d ago

me too and gear of war 3
damn lots of games to play this holiday

GSpartan7772651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

In this new era where we vote with our wallets, you are not allowed to enjoy two games, but only one. /sarcasm

But yeah, both games are looking great. MW3 though similar to MW2, looks like a good improvement and seems like a more enjoyable experience than it's predecessor.

ashbc2651d ago

I'm definitely going to give both BF and MW a go. I'm sure they will both be great in their own rights.

JeffGUNZ2651d ago

@ ashbc,

By looking at your crimson emblem, I believe you and I will be heavily hooked into Gears of War 3 come September 20 brother!

BootHammer2651d ago

Another amazing FPS for the fall season...I"m going to have to hit the boss up for a raise or hope for some bonuses at work to play all these,LOL. Great article buttoncombo!