Grand Prix Champion David Coulthard Races Gran Turismo 5 Gamers

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEE) has announced that Formula 1 ace David Coulthard took victory in an innovative Mercedes-Benz virtual versus reality race staged simultaneously at two locations in Surrey, England. Driving a real-life 6.3 litre V8 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, ‘DC’ completed a fifteen minute shoot-out around the Dunsfold track, home to BBC Top Gear. Up against him were six drivers in the virtual Gran Turismo 5 version of the SLS AMG racing on the same track but from the comfort of Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands in Surrey.

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supremacy2648d ago

The king of simulators, the one the pros play. Got to love gt.

BlmThug2648d ago

Except he drove the Actual Mercedes Benz SLS AMG and not the videogame BTW PC sims are the king of simulators not GT5

supremacy2648d ago

No arguing with you, except if you ever tune in to GT tv then even you will know the pros play this game, heck even their inputs are use for this series.

hiredhelp2644d ago

Im pc gamer, ive played GTR EVO
Still doesnt come close to gran turismo

pucpop2648d ago

Dave shares a jaw with Minnie Driver. I wonder if Dave uses it to his advantage during these races...