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jdfoster2651d ago

This looks awesome!! Don't forget to watch the teaser at the bottom! Another exclusive! Amazing! :)

JoGam2651d ago

WOW [email protected] :59 sec's I thought the hand was going to rub the breast of the statue. LOL That would have turned out bad.

Jobesy2651d ago

Lol, fondle the balls, now stroke the shaft. That was hilarious!

M4I0N32651d ago

LMAO, same here dude, i honestly thought the same

Vojkan2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Love how people don't even read. It's a tech demo, from the same guys that made Linger in Shadows. Not a game.
Regardless very cool look and music is sweet-

smashcrashbash2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Where did you read that? Where did you read the words tech demo anywhere in the article? @ jdfoster He did? Well see, it is a game. With Santa Monica who made GOW so epic, I hope this will be the same degree of epicness.

jdfoster2651d ago

"A video, below, teasing a mysterious game popped up online earlier today, sparking speculation that a new, unannounced Move title was in the works."

That's why I assumed it was teaser for a full game.

Also where did it say 'tech demo' ? Even on the original youtube video it doesn't say 'tech demo'

Did you even read the article?

@smashcrashbash agreed

Vojkan2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

both of you are mental, it's a project like Linger in Shadows, from SAME developer, "Plastic". Read God damn article. For more info go and read NeoGaf. God damn what level of ignorance

Here for lazy ....

Pacman3212649d ago

I still don't see where it says its only a tech demo and not a game.

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jdfoster2651d ago

Hmmm This could make a great move game. But I always want games move enabled. Not move only. (so you can have different experiences on the same game) Like you play it with controller and can then have the OPTION to play it with move. However this might be one of those games that might be better suited with move (from the camera angle anyway) :) Anyway can;t wait to hear more about this game. Also if anyone wants to know. @yosp (Shuhei Yoshida - President of Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment) has also tweeted about this game.

smashcrashbash2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Make it good. I know you guys can. I have to give them create though. That teaser looked good. You look like you can actually stroke or grasp at object with the hands. Nice.

kma2k2651d ago

when i saw santa monica i thought hmm kratos with a move controller...

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Christopher2651d ago

Eh, looks a bit weird and looks like a tech demo showing some extremely early concept design on a future game. Would need to see how this plays out, but looks like the video shown could be used for making one of those search and find puzzle games, along the lines of Myst.

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