Why My PS3 Collection Will Be The Most Important

Each console ends up getting a trove of games that we adore. Some of these beloved titles are huge blockbuster successes, while others go on to become rare gems. Its one of the reasons its so hard for us to let go of an older console.

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Magnus2655d ago

HD collections are great because you cannot find some of these games and when you do the discs are either in poor condition or the game is expensive. I say keep them up I just wish Sony would release a Wild Arms collection and Square should release FFX with FFXII in a collection and I might give 12 a fair run again.

DigitalRaptor2655d ago

This is quite a different viewpoint, but I have to agree.

TheWolverine2655d ago

Why remake FFXand FFXII? Those are too new IMO. How about FFVII-FFIX? Those games in HD would make me weep in joy.