Rising Star Games on The King of Fighters XIII: ‘Nothing is more important than the community’

Since the announcement that Rising Star Games will publish The King of Fighters XIII throughout Europe this autumn Electronic Theatre has been inundated with requests for more details on the game; everything from the official release date to the full character list included in the console version of the game. While the team have tried to satisfy the fans’ thirst-for-knowledge with a preview of The King of Fighters XIII, there’s surely no better place to get the details than the company responsible for bringing the game to Europe. So that’s just what Electronic Theatre did.

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Shojin12652d ago

King of Fighters was and still is a cult classic from the school of fighters I came from. Its great it continues. SSS was a decent fighter but needed to be on the PS3 too...

Maybe it will show up one day on the NEO GEO station via PSN or a remake of SS64. Cult classics that need attention. My PS Neo stick awaits 3d KOF and 3d SS!!!