Dead Island's massive first week on the market, apologies and new DLC

A new controversy has escaped upon the industry in the form of a derogatory slur found in Dead Island's code that referred to a skill called "Feminist Whore".

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One-X2654d ago

To be fair to the developers and all those working on the game, they have recieved many mixed reactions over this last week. A lot of people seem to love to bully this game, and simply call out all the faults and leave it at that. Instead of looking at all the positives, all the bugs, faults and even this accusation gets exaggerated a hell of a lot.

This perk name, they didn't leave it in the final version, that's the most important thing here, a lot of people are over-reacting. Yeah it's not a good thing for the company, but it's been thrown around like this company have commited a crime and should be punished. However, I'm looking forward to the DLC for this game, hopefully they fix the problems before the DLC though.

Aerie2653d ago

I agree. The game should receive more praise. They've been on top of things, fixing the issues and catering to the fans pretty well. But a lot of people enjoy reading about the downside to things. This is kinda a mix of both that and the good.