Confirmed Gears of War 3 Weapon Skins (Unlockable and Purchasable)

A list of all weapons that can be unlocked or purchased in Gears of War 3.

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CommanderWTF2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I can't believe Epic has decided to lock some content from the disc (these weapon skins) and if you want to access the locked content you have to pay for it. I was never a really big fan of DLC, but this is just taking it to another level. Making us pay for game content that is already on the disk? I'm sorry but that is bullshit! I wonder if they've taken anything else out of the game and plan to make us pay for it later down the road.

HappyWithOneBubble2654d ago

Others are doing it and many more will follow. It's about the mighty dollar. I can't imagine what they will do next gen.

CommanderWTF2654d ago

I don't think we even want to imagine what they will do next gen.

just_looken2654d ago


well with all the sheep loving and supporting drm and this type of dlc i say it will be like onlive in a way must be online in order to play put in a code before you can access it and half to pay to unlock mp aswell as all extra non necessary content is pay to use. Like today's car when they say bar bones they mean it where's the dam ash tray? lol.

ScubaSteve12654d ago

but the almighty dollar is already failing so

Evetssteve2654d ago

If you want it that bad u have the option to buy it. If it doesn't matter to u, don't. But Epic has earned my respect for all the hard work and improvements they have done/made to make this game what it will be on Day 1. They even went against what they typically don't like to do and had a beta test, knowing full well bad reactions and bD press from the beta could have really hurt their sales. But they were confident to put it out there and delay the release date FOR the fans to ensure their best possible last project on this series will be their best.

They even read through all the 50,000 or so emails providing feedback and implemented what they agreed with into the game. If anyone deserves our respect and money for what they've accomplished. If you don't want to buy those extra guns then don't , they provide no advantage. They are meant to be availae for the diehards who want everything

CaptainMarvelQ82654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I agree,This is getting ridiculous. Corporates are getting greedier by the day.But the main problem remains in the consumers.We are the one's who're still buying onto these stuff without complaint until recently.Where was everyone where it all started? it may have been minimal but it got bigger overtime and no doubt will get even bigger if no one takes a stand.

Now before someone goes out and says im some fanboy,or that i am against gears for this ;Then don't,because what im talking about appears in most games these days.So every publisher is a suspect in this,and they will continue to be unless people complain and start acting against them. (Not to sound like a revolter or anything ;P)

CoTton_MoUtH2654d ago

Do not buy this game along with call of duty mf3 gamers already pay $60 for the game now developers will charge you extra $ 15 ($20 if you don't have a debit or credit card) just for a couple of maps , skins etc.... This game looks awsome but my money is more important this year gamers need to make a stand dlc should be free and not abused for some BULLSHIT

ScubaSteve12654d ago

is it just me or should i just wait for a game of the year edition