Resistance 3 Review |

Ian Fisher writes: The Resistance franchise may have had some high and low points but Resistance 3 is a perfect way for the series to go out. Featuring a robust single-player campaign that has amazing variety and a terrific weapons upgrade system, Insomniac Games has fixed all the wrongs they committed in Resistance 2 and then added a ton of Resistance 1 nostalgia in for good measure. Resistance 3 is a simply gritty and surprisingly emotional action experience that doesn’t fall victim to being incredibly shallow like so many other games today. Thankfully the multiplayer experience isn’t a mess and instead offers some old-school style fun that does indeed have a level of strategy and skill to it. Gamers may have been intensely burned by Resistance 2, but Resistance 3 is honestly a step in the right direction as it matches and slightly exceeds what we received five years ago with the first Resistance.

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