New Battlefield 3 Info Surfaces

GR - "Senior Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3, Alan Kertz, revealed a bunch of details regarding Battlefield 3 on twitter while answering questions from fans. He talked about the revival system, hitregs, squad beacons, shotgun sniper rifles and much more. "

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electricshadow2651d ago

"Marksman Bonus for sniper headshots beyond 50m are back" YES. I loved pulling off a Marksman headshot in BC2. Felt so good.

OcelotRigz2651d ago

Very happy with this new info but esecially:
"Squad beacon goes away on respawn" +
"When the beacon is outdoors in the open you control the parachute."
I was worried about that feature but that sounds a lot more balanced now.

trenso12651d ago

The same I thought of it like a tact for cod now that i kno this some of my worries are put to rest but I wonder how it will work in doors

latinalover2651d ago

"Flight models will be identical on PC and consoles."

Hufandpuf2651d ago

High explosive and smoke mortar shells, awesome!


"Up close in hardcore bolt action sniper rifles can 1 Hit Kill at close range. In normal, no 1 Hit Kill with bolts in the body."

Thats just special.......why wouldnt they do the opposite and make it so the bolt action only 1 hits at long range if they want to stomp on quickscoping that much.

kinda dumb how a M93B which fires .338s wont kill a guy with a chest shot but a AK74M with heavy barrel drops him instantly and more effectively.

I cant believe im saying this but whats wrong with the COD damage model for snipers? chest shots & head shots, plus the movement speed is increased from the sluggish BC series so pulling off a long range shot will still be a challenge even if it is a chest shot.

peowpeow2651d ago

I'd say to better counter quick-scoping, increase the time it takes to zoom into scope, i.e. have a similar animation to CoD..except make it only accurate once you're looking in the scope and not during the animation

MARKUS_MAX1MUS2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )


Im really not sure were they are going with this because I hear they are using the same sniper model from BF2.

then I hear they doing something like this?

One of the devs also said he wasnt sure how to balance a 50 cal, il tell you, make it so its fecking heavy so you cant run with it, make it so you cant fire it accurately at all standing or kneeling at all, make it so you have to deploy a bipod and basically "set up" before even thinking of squeezing the trigger, it should just fly straight up in the air, but it should wipe the fuck out of people or make you think holy shit hes shooting with a 50!

I still cant understand why chest shots would be so bad one hit kill, maybe its just dice caving in to all the d bags out there who cant counter snipers effectively.