Rockstar to release first Max Payne 3 trailer on September 14th

Rockstar have just tweeted that they will release their first Max Payne 3 trailer on Wednesday September 14th at noon eastern time.

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WhiteLightning2650d ago

It's like judgment day....will it look/feel like Max Payne or not

Only time will tell

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2650d ago

I doubt it will feel completely like Max Payne as the gameplay for that will not be received well in modern days but I'm sure we'll still have a good TPS With Bullet Time!

EdwardS0872650d ago

Such a quiet AAA title lol Will this be the next Kane and Lynch?

TheTruth892650d ago


Tuxedoassassin2650d ago

Don´t worry, we will see something. Next year or the year after it.

Bleach2650d ago

The silent giant awakens, no body really cares about Max Payne but it's announcement gives us hope that GTAV announcement is on it's way.