'Modern Warfare 3' Prestige Shop detailed: Campaign, Spec Ops progress boosts multiplayer unlocks

Modern Warfare 3's campaign and Spec Ops progression will contribute to multiplayer unlockables, it has been revealed.

While hitting the Prestige rank in previous Call of Duty games saw linear unlocks such as more Create a Class slots, the shop now offers more variety through a currency system to "buy what you want", and takes into account other modes.

"The Prestige Shop is not only for Prestiging… but it's also complete the single player, complete the single player in Veteran, complete Spec Ops, or do something in Spec Ops," said Mark Rubin during a press conference.

"One of the other things I like is early unlocks, so I can spend currency to unlock an item that would normally unlock at Level 42, I can have it at level four."

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2650d ago

That's pretty good this time around. I loved the black ops currency as well but i know alot of people will agree it would have been much better if you can get currency by playing zombies or Single Player.
They went in the right direction with this feature.

gamevolutionUK2650d ago

Love the idea! Can't wait to see how it works in the retail game!