20 First-Person Shooters That Need a Makeover

Tom's Hardware takes a look at 20 classic FPS games that need a makeover.

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Kee2653d ago

I guessed doom and quake would be on there, but the rest of them I've never heard of...

This dude really knows his stuff.

Phi395822653d ago

Oh, no doubt that he knows his games......but hes not concerned with "fun factor"! I can't imagine you could sell 10,000 copies of several of those games. The biggest reason that many of them were even remotely popular was the "spectacle of video games" and the extremely small number of titles. Find me a 100 peoples that gives a crap about Redneck Rampage.......

Kee2653d ago

Well, yeah, I think if most of these titles were remade nowadays, no one would care. That's because the market is now over-saturated with FPS games. There's just too much competition out there. They'd be sending these games out to die if they released them nowadays.

TheWolverine2653d ago

I couldn't even read it. The page kept freaking out... Oh well

ZILLA2653d ago

that was one of my favorite games i ever played on my PS2.bring that back on thos gen console and its a buy.

Cajun Chicken2653d ago

This is why I like Source Ports, they get a makeover.

MrChow6662653d ago

Im still waiting for a proper sequel to Soldier of fortune 2 developed by raven, loved the multiplayer of that game

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