The ugly 3DS cradle has just undone all of Nintendo's hard work

Pocket Gamer: "as of this week, Nintendo may well have just undone all its own good work, as it revealed perhaps the ugliest video game hardware ever created."

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iamnsuperman2654d ago

I agree for the moment. It will be interesting to see if they make more games compatible for it or have it as an optional extra to some games (bit like the Move and PS3 games)

nikola9872653d ago

No its not :( NoE and NoA have confirmed that this abomination is coming, but its also been confirmed that MH3G is only for Japan. So why would Nintendo release this šhit outside without the game?

MasterCornholio2653d ago

Oh wow so its an optional accessory that will bring an extra circle pad to the 3DS.

Seriously the 3DS should never have been released with just one pad.