CBS Sports Doesn’t take Kindly to Professional Gaming

Earlier this week, IGN teamed up with Utah Jazz player, Gordon Hayward, to release a humorous video that he'd be spending the ongoing NBA lockout as a professional Starcraft 2 player in order to promote his appearance and participation at next month's IPL tournament in Atlantic City. The announcement was a fun PR stunt that was humorous in nature, clearly mocking the LeBron debacle earlier this year, but various news sources reported it as a legitimate change in professions. No harm done though, right? Unless you're CBS Sports, that is. Then you openly bash the player because of his hobbies and mock the gaming community for believing anything they do requires the smallest modicum of skill.

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XxBarretxX2629d ago

CBS is for old people anyway.

Bleucrunch2629d ago

Its clear they have no idea what gaming or games are anyways....but I will say they have the best HD cameras...I guess that is the only plus side...Booo CBS!

Ares842629d ago

Video games get attacked by the media a lot. It used to get me really upset because of the ignorance of the reporters or various persons talking about video games. Now, not that much. Maybe a little. But I think these people should be ignored because they are extremely ignorant to the point where you question if they are this wrong on one topic they talk about how wrong are they in other things?

kornbeaner2629d ago

What I find funny is that these people call anybody soft. They are reporters, not players. It is easier to comment and report on something that you do not take an active participation in.

As far as E-sports vs. Physical sport, its two different types of stress but it really comes down to the person that competes. I doubt that many E-sport stars can handle the rigor of an actual sport but the same can be said vice-versa, I don't think there are many Mainstream sportstars that can handle the rigors of a Starcraft 2 training house, because mentally it is one of the most exhausting things a human mind can go through.

Same thing can be said when going from a Mainstream sport to a "Fake" sport. Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone, two of the most physical players the NBA has ever known have said that one of the hardest things they have ever done is Wrestle for the WCW. These guys we're in top shape and said that the day after a performance they were sore from head to toe. Some people are just built to take different types of abuse. Maybe reports and critics should take that into consideration before passing judgement on something they don't understand.