If Crysis 2 Had Just Looked Like This In March

Crysis 2 offers DirectX 11 and SKD-Modding - too late maybe. After players got scared away and disappointed by not-quite-state-of-the-art-gra phics in march Crysis 2 ist almost forgotten by the graphics enthusiasts. But new screenshots now show the potential of the engine and the Shooter.

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MARKUS_MAX1MUS2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )


lol obvious sarcasim!

SantistaUSA2655d ago

Gotta love the PC, now I'm hoping the next gen of consoles are able to do something like that, so the PC can advance even more.

I just played Dead Island yesterday, and the graphics were "meh", most likely because they focused on the current gen of consoles too much, just my opinion anyways.



Doesnt mean its bad looking, I think it looks great, but the key thing is gameplay and the melee combat reminds me of condemed and its very satisfying to break bones and dismember zombies on co-op with friends

SantistaUSA2655d ago


Oh yeah definitely, not saying that is a bad game, I actually enjoyed it, wished they would had done a little better job on graphics for PC, that's all.

In the menu option there's no option to lock the vertical vsync, so I get tons of tearing on the screen, anyone knows if there is a way to fix that?

JOHN_DOH2655d ago

you can try to force vsync from the video card driver settings.

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i_like_ff72655d ago

Uuhh i don't get it. Crysis 2 looked just as good as these pics if not better.

dirthurts2655d ago

Haters gonna hate.
It's probably still the best looking game out there, but people are never satisfied.


Crysis 2 looked better than Crysis 2?

Gohadouken2655d ago

If it looked like this it would still be half as good as crysis 1 without bigger environnements and better AI .

LightofDarkness2655d ago

A lot of these screens were in an article posted last week. From the same website. Who, incidentally, won't stop flooding this place with the same ENB/ICEnhancer crap. Can't we ban this site already? They just spam like crazy.

Plus, all these shots are showing is over-saturated lighting in certain colours (mostly blue). There's nothing new or advanced about it, they didn't add anything to the game or it's graphical features, they just f***ed around with some of the lighting settings.

Baka-akaB2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

oops wrong thread

SuperBeast8112655d ago

It would be a better looking mediorcre game lol