The Old Republic the last subscription-based MMO?

According to Sony exec John Smedley, BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic will be the last MMO not to operate on a free-to-play model.

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NuclearDuke2655d ago

Probably. MMO's now-a-days can make much more money by the F2P model than by a subscription model, any game can infact. People seems to do minor purchases than pay monthly fees.

tdrules2655d ago

prove MMO's make more money through F2P than Subscription PER PLAYER.

NuclearDuke2655d ago

Who cares what the income is per player. The goal with F2P is to attract as many people into your game and gain income from micro transaction which people are more likely to spend money on.

Solid_Snake-2655d ago

i think free to play games never get taken as serious as the pay to play.

bioware have said the game needs to last for 10 years and will be giving you your moneys worth. free to play games dont tend to give you that and never last that long.

Spinal2655d ago

With the sort of money Blizzard makes?? I dont think so!

Nearly every dev in the world is salivating on how to make people pay a monthly sub for their games. Why u think they are makin mmos of every an anythin my god there is an tom an jerry an family guy mmo! Lol

sonicsidewinder2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Maybe. Seems to be going in that direction.

Though i don't know if I like it. After returning to LOTRO last week I was shocked how much it's changed due to the free to play model.

It just feels geared toward the folk who wanna rush quick and fast through the game; shortening the prologue quest which i thought set up the game really well, while removing half the quests there. The map is now pre-explored from the get-go too so there's no sense of discovery. Not to mention the aggressive advertisements for that in-game store.

I remember trying DDO and stopped playing due to the store. It was super fun to play, but you get all this store stuff crammed down your neck like it or not.

LOTRO's lost it's soul man.

I was thinking of re-subbing to LOTRO, but i don't know anymore. All that store crap will still be there. Now if they made a server or two for subscribers, to play the game as it was, that would be nice. More choice, more power to the people.

admiralthrawn872655d ago

free to play games just dont have the balance that sub. based ones do. Pay to win and pay to gain doesnt sound fun to me

Baka-akaB2655d ago

Careful what you wish for guys . Be it mandatory or not , f2p got a strong tendencies of making you pay for every little extra junk . In the end it's often even more expensive that subs .

So far the most honest model , yet least popular one , i've seen was Arena.Net' guildwars . Not even a f2p model since you at least buy the game and its expansions .