THQ: Fewer Studios Is Better

Gamasutra: At the Citi 2011 Tech Conference in New York City on Thursday morning, THQ's EVP and CFO Paul Pucino showed off sizzle reels of games like Saints Row: The Third and a Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Facebook game.

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VampiricDragon2650d ago

Fewer studios is better for them. Not for gamers

ShaunCameron2650d ago

That's the reality of high development costs and low sales. But yeah.

ABizzel12649d ago

Fewer studios is only better if you don't have the budget, talent, or capabilities to run a mass amount of studios.

Each studio needs a group of people in charge who have proven they can run a team effectively.

They need to be assigned a team of people who are forward thinkers, and capable of developing new, fresh, and unique games ideas.

Finally you need the right lead developers and talent to be able to create a game from those ideas.

Everything else falls into place.

dangert122650d ago

depends if it can help the quality of games

m-s-8-22650d ago

90% of games released are garbage.Fewer studios means less crap for people to waste money on.

nickjkl2650d ago

just because you dont like a game densest mean its garbage just means it doesn't fit your taste

fewer studios means less games fitting anyones preferences

gamingdroid2650d ago

I get the sense they are talking about fewer studios, but each larger. That is to some extent cost restructuring, and being close means you can share and borrow resources.

The size, resources and efficiency of management is what determines how many games are released, not the number of studios.

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slavish2650d ago

THq has just been off this generation! Last gen. they were in top 5 best publishers. What happened? new management? Most games they release are average,bad,or the same thing every year imo. Imo they have yet to release a 9/10 or 10/10 quality game this gen.

loobtube2650d ago

Think he's spot on,same thing can be said about too many tv channels!