G4TV: Starhawk Gameplay Preview

G4TV: Starhawk, our pick for best multiplayer at E3 2011, brought new treats to PAX Prime 2011, and Morgan Webb caught up with Sr. Producer Harvard Bonin for a look at the added single-player campaign, the Build and Battle system, and air combat.

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Mister_G2654d ago

Looking great so far! Already pre-orderd :)

clearelite2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

One of my most anticipated games! Interesting and ironic to see that the (seemingly) biased Morgan Webb is doing a preview of this game too. I'm pretty sure I've seen all that footage before though. Btw, I still want Morgan anyway, it's unavoidable.

Jac5al2654d ago

Excited for this game.

Ares902654d ago

I think I read somewhere the launch date is for February next year...(?).