The Dreamcast turns 12 today

SEGAbits: "It has been 12 years since that sweet white dream machine landed on American shores and blow us away with a stellar launch line up. Gaming has changed quite a bit, most of it thanks to stuff started by SEGA with the Dreamcast.

Even though we still get plenty of games, I think we can all agree on one thing. Its not the same without having a SEGA console. Can you believe that SEGA hasn’t released a console in 12 years? I feel old."

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beast242tru2656d ago

i remember my days of playing shemu and crazy taxi on my dreamcast also the first nba 2k with allen iverson on cover boy they were good days

Kyosuke_Sanada2656d ago


So much time spent on Jet Set Radio, I loved the cel-shaded art style, fun gameplay and it really expanded my music palette with it's memorable tracks (Super Brothers by Guitar Vader and Sneakman by Hideki Naganuma were my faves).

Don't let me get started with Last Blade 2 and the Power Stone Saga....

NYC_Gamer2656d ago

Shenmue is still one of my fav franchises

Ares902656d ago

My hands had the honor to play a Dreamcast