GameSpot: Star Fox 64 3D Review

In the 14 years since Star Fox 64 first landed on shelves, millions have answered the desperate call to save the Lylat system from the forces of the vile Andross. Few who have heeded that call have forgotten the brave wingmen who flew alongside them, or the perilous places they passed through on their mission. Now, the call rings out once again. Star Fox 64 is and has always been a well-crafted adventure, and whether you're a seasoned space ace or a novice pilot, you're sure to enjoy rescuing Corneria from Andross' clutches. Underneath the new 3D paint job, this is mostly the same game that has been released not only for the N64, but also on the Wii's Virtual Console, and it's hard not to wish that Nintendo had created a new mission to undertake rather than hauling out this classic again. But although Fox's Arwing has been around the galaxy a few times, she's still got it where it counts.

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